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WWE Triple H Workout: Total Body & Extreme Cardio

The WWE Triple H Workout is a total-body workout put together with the help of  world-famous strength coach, Joe DeFranco. The entire workout is a combination of upper body, lower body and cardio workouts. It promises to chisel your body and get you ready for the next fight.

The Triple H Workout: Extreme Cardio is what Triple H uses when he is short on time, or he wants to focus on a fat burning workout routine. The workout is perfect for when you want to get in shape, but don’t have a lot of equipment or time.


The WWE Triple H Workout is a superset of Renegade Rows and Mountain Climbers. All you need is a couple of dumbbells, or even milk jugs if that’s all you got around your home.

Triple H Extreme Cardio Workout Video

See how many times you can do this in 15 minutes: (Superset, so do them back-to-back).

  • 5x each alternating
  • 10x Mountain Climbers

Renegade Rows– In a Wide Stance, pretend you’re shooting a bow and arrow. Drive your elbow as far back as possible. For this exercise, keep your body straight to work your core.

Mountain Climbers-Alternate legs quickly, while keeping your shoulders and body straight.


Extreme Cardio Routine

This extreme cardio routine features a quick burst of intense muscle building, core work, and cardio all at the same time. The goal is to do this for 15 minutes. See how many times you can go through it. If you have less time, that’s fine. Just do what you can: engage those muscles and get your heart rate up by challenging yourself with progressive intervals.

WWE Triple H Workout: Upper Body Exercise

Here’s another exercise from the Triple H Workout that focuses on the Upper Body. This is the WWE Triple H Workout: Dumbbell Floor Press Chest Exercise. Triple H likes this exercise because it “saves your shoulders while increasing intensity.”


This quick HIIT Extreme Cardio Routine is part of Triple H’s WWE Power Series you can get on Amazon.


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Watch as Triple H’s moves make you much more powerful, as well. WWE Champion Triple H does the moves right along with you!

Triple H Goblet Squat

Here the WWE Superstar describes how to do the “Triple H Goblet Squat.” It’s one of the exercises from his total-body workout:

About the Goblet Squat exercise, Triple H says it’s a great lower body exercise because:

It forces you to learn the proper form of squatting. And it almost forces you to have the right position. It anchors you down and makes you do the squat in the correct way.


Triple H Training Video vs. Brock Lesnar

Here’s the Triple H Training Video vs. Brock Lesnar. Triple H worked out with performance training specialist, Joe DeFranco. Together, they worked on more full body (compound) movements, to get Triple H ready for Wrestlemania.

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Triple H WWE Workout