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Workout Without Equipment: Rob Riches Shows You How

Workout Without Equipment

Fitness Pro Rob Riches shows you How To Workout Without Equipment in this Urban Workout. The best exercises for working out without weights or equipment are bodyweight exercises. You can also find makeshift equipment / weights, like milk jugs or sandbags.


Rob Riches uses fixed equipment like ledges and random objects he finds in the LA Riverbed. Below, Rob Riches shows you how to burn body fat and, at the very least, maintain muscle mass with no equipment.


Clean and Press15-253Use Circuit Format
Dips15-253For Entire Routine
Pushups 15-253Do 1 set of each exercise
Tire Ab Crunches15-253Then move to next exercise
Bicep Curls15-253Rest 1 min after entire circuit
Hammer Curls15-253Repeat circuit. Aim for 3+ sets, depending on fitness level.

Workout Without Equipment List (With Alternate Names and/or Where It Works Your Body):

(Video Descriptions above)

Do this routine in circuit format. Do 1 set of each. Then, repeat 3-4 more times. Once you’ve mastered 1 set of the circuit, there’s no limit to how many sets you want to do (other than your personal fitness levels, of course). Rob Riches advises doing 3 circuits of 15-25 reps per exercise. Go to failure, on everything, for an advanced variation.

About the tire crunches, they’re nice if you have access to a large tire. Also, if you do have access to a large tire, try the Outdoor Tire Workout. If you have no clue where to get a large tire, the try the Crunch-less Abs Workout.

How To Workout Without Equipment:

Rob Riches starts off his workout without equipment with the clean and press. In the gym, you would do this with barbells or dumbbells. But, out of the gym you have to find something that works. Rob Riches uses sandbags. You can use milk jugs or other objects, whether you find them at-home, or out and about. He then finds a ledge where he can do tricep dips. Then, he supersets those tricep dips with pushups.


Rob Riches then finds a tire that’s great to help lift his body up while doing abs. After that, he finds a 40-50 lb. plank that he uses for bicep curls. Finally, he goes back to sandbags for hammer curls. These are a type of bicep curl that works the outside of the bicep to give you that ripped arms look.

This is a tough, outdoor workout because of the fast pace of the circuit. It also works your body different than when you’re in a gym. Most gym equipment is designed to help you isolate one muscle group. But, when you find random objects, you are less stabilized than when you’re in a gym.


This requires you to use your core and other stabilizing muscles and joints. Rob Riches says that it’s good to switch up your workout by going outdoors. Find what you learn out there, and bring it back into the gym with you if you can.

Rob Riches Urban Workout

Another way to get a workout out of the gym is to turn where you are into a playground. Better known as Parkour, this means you simply create your workout as you go. It was created out of military obstacle training, but used in urban areas. Run up and down streets, do pullups on random objects, and make people think you’re crazy.


For pullups, try to vary the objects you use. Try to do as many as you can. Rest 15-30 seconds, then go again. Arms are also easy to work if you can find a stable object to do tricep dips. A couple tips for dips from Rob Riches:

  1. Make sure to keep your chest and head up, to keep your bodyweight balanced.
  2. Keep your body aligned. Make sure your wrist/elbow/shoulder are all parallel and in line.



Keeping in the spirit of  using objects to elevate one’s body, Rob Riches does hanging knee raises. Here, Rob Riches says:

Keep your body fixed. Focus on breathing, contracting abs, and do a hip tuck to really engage your lower abs.

Last up is a variation on sled pushing you might see people do at the gym. Sled Pushing is a great legs and conditioning workout. Plus, you don’t have to be in the gym to do it. Still, it does require finding a heavy object, preferably on wheels. Workouts without equipment require creativity, to make up for you not being in a place designed for exercise.


About the outdoor sled pushing variation, Rob Riches says:

I’m going to push this to engage my legs, and really get my weight behind it, so I can put some really explosive power down and work my glutes, legs and thighs.

With Explosive power workouts, like sled pushing, Rob Riches says:

The key to this is making sure you keep your body weight low to the ground and take long strides. Kind of like those power-lifters you see on TV.

For another look at urban workouts, or Parkour, here is a popular routine / video:

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Share The Workout Without Equipment. This is the routine that World Fitness Model Rob Riches uses when he wants to workout without equipment. The Workout without equipment is a big change up from your standard gym routine. Challenging you to try something new, you may find that it works your core more than usual.

Try it when you’re traveling, or simply when you can’t get to a gym. Be creative. Find ways to challenge yourself, focus on the exercise at hand and remember your form. Don’t vary your form just because you’re not in gym–that will lead to injury or lesser gains. Most of all, stay fit!

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