Workout Advice: Going Back In Time

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Workout Advice: Going Back In Time

Getting workout advice is easy to give when you are working out consistently. You’re always learning something new to add to your routine. Going back in time, learn what bodybuilders would do differently. It’s a great question to ask others.

You didn’t always know what you know now; there’s probably a lot you would change if you could do it over again. Just as you may ask someone for workout advice, it may be even better to know what they would do differently, if they could go back in time.

What would you do differently if you could go back in time? The Hodge Twins have a Youtube channel devoted to doling out workout advice. Here’s what the Hodge Twins would do:

Workout adviceFor example: Are you hitting your rear delts during your shoulder workout every time? Are you eating too much of a surplus, and seeing body fat as a result? Do you know about intermittent fasting?

Don’t Do Full Body Workouts

Work only a couple body parts a day. Also, think about push and pull exercises and how to use them efficiently. For example, good workout advice would be: Don’t do overhand back exercises on biceps day. Do underhand (think pullups for example) instead, so you are working your biceps and back at the same time. This also helps you concentrate on both sides of your muscles, because you focus on the designated body part more.

Intermittent Fasting

It’s not about cutting carbs, it’s about Intermittent Fasting. It’s about when you eat, just as much as it’s about what you eat. Eating when your body is full of cortisol adds fat. Waiting to eat until right after a workout burns fat. The Hodge Twins say the best workout advice they could have gotten is to try intermittent fasting sooner.  They credit getting rid of their lower abdomen fat and love handles with this sort of dieting.

The More You Eat, the Bigger You Get, the More Muscle You Build

The truth is that eating a ton of food only makes you more fat. All you need is a bit of a surplus to gain weight. Doing 300 grams of protein shakes a day is not good workout advice. Don’t lie to yourself about how gaining 20 pounds from protein shakes is a good thing because, “there must be muscle in there somewhere.” Eating a ton obviously makes you fat. You just need a surplus bit of calories to gain muscle mass.

Worry about Your Effort, Not the Amount of Weights You’re Lifting

Sometimes its better to drop weight and focus on pumping iron. The key workout advice is to focus on your form, not your weights. Sometimes it’s best to use a lighter weight and much greater for. This is especially true if you want to prevent injury with proper form.

And at the end of the day, do whatever you wanna do. But make sure it works for you!

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