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Walkover Pushups Exercise

Walkover Pushup Exercise

Walkover Pushups

The Walkover Pushups exercise is a variation of the normal Pushup.

Walkover Pushup Exercise

  1. Start in a pushup position with both hands on a box, plated weight, step or other raised surface.
  2. Move one hand to the floor and one hand remaining on the box.
  3. Do a full pushup and then return to the first position and alternate to the other side.
  4. As in the video below, you will want to criss-cross your hands when alternating.
  5. Switch up by “walking” with either your hands or your feet.
  6. Complete 15 reps.

Starting Position-Pushup

Walkover Pushups Benefits

This variation of a standard pushup is more challenging for your chest, shoulders and arms. Also, this is a scapular stabilizer exercise.  This means it is  good for your shoulder strength and core endurance.

Walkover Pushups Technique

Use a box, plated weight, step, or other raised surface that is 4-6 inches in height. When you “walk over” the object, keep your posture as still as possible. Walkover Pushups may look easy, but you may be surprised at the strength it takes to remain motionless, especially through your core.

The Walkover Pushup is good for anyone who needs more explosive pushing strength, wants to strengthen their core, or wants to tone their upper-body.

Many athletes and celebs use the Walkover Pushup exercise to tone for their roles:

  • The Mila Kunis workout uses the Walkover Pushup exercise in order to tone up for her role in Friends With Benefits.
  • The BodyRock Team workouts uses Walkover Pushups. They are also known as Sliding Pushups, or Fly Pushups.  Standard Lunge. They use Walkover Pushups as part of the At-Home Cardio workouts Day 5.
  • The Shemar Moore workout uses a function workout, where Walkover Pushups, along with Diamond-Grip and One-Handed Pushups, are used.

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