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V-Ups Exercise: Strengthening the Core

V-Ups exercise

V-Ups Exercise

The V-Ups exercise is a total core working movement. It is also known as the Jackknife or Pike Crunch exercise. The V-ups exercise is a more advanced form of most ab workouts. This challenges your core, abs, back, and flexibility.

You want to try to touch your toes in the V-Ups exercise.  If you can’t, that’s OK, but a sign you want to stretch more to gain flexibility. Here are the health diagnostics for V-ups exercise:

  • Main Muscle Used: Abs
  • Secondary Muscles: Obliques, Quads
  • Equipment Required: None
  • Movement: Isolated
  • Exercise Type: Push

V-Ups exercise

Here’s a video explanation of the V-Ups Exercise. With this trainer, you touch your toes before each V-Up exercise:

Here’s a video explanation of the V-Ups exercise, which shows a few different variations of the traditional V Ups exercise:

To do the V-Ups Exercise:

  1. Lie down on a flat surface or mat.
  2. Start with your legs straight, then come up.
  3. Touch your toes, and then let your torso fall back down
  4. Bring your legs up into the air, touching your toes again.

Popular V-Ups Exercise Workouts:

V-Ups Trainer Advice

The V-Ups trainer advice from celebrity trainer, Marco Borges, is simple. Marco Borges says:

Imagine you are balancing your body on your glutes as you touch your toes and fingers.

Another illustration of the V Ups exercise:

It’s also good to keep your legs straight, to keep your core tight. Slowly lower your legs and arms to starting position. Then, toes to your fingers, while keeping your legs straight.

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