Upper Ab Exercises: Push Through

upper ab exercises

Upper Ab Exercises: Push Through

Upper ab exercises are one of the hardest areas to target. Push Throughs do the job by getting you to extend your hands. Therefore, Push Through Exercises are the main focus of most upper ab workouts. Doing Push Throughs builds the hard-to-work upper areas of your abdominals.

Push Throughs are featured in the How to Get a Six Packs Ab Workout. They focus on your upper abs.

upper ab exercisesThis exercise is also known as Abs Push-Through or “Crunches with hands pushing through” exercises. You can buy many Ab benches, you can buy products to burn fat, you can do the diet and try to lose weight.

Work your upper abs by doing a normal crunch, while pushing your hands through, or past, your knees each rep. Push through crunches are one of the best exercises for training upper abdominal muscles at home or in the gym.

Do these exercises 3 times per week, doing 3 sets or more each time. Make sure to breathe in and out each rep, and focus on tightening your core, not your neck, through each repetition. Make sure to focus on your form each lift as well. Extend your hands, but make sure you do so in a comfortable motion. Stop the exercise if you feel any pain, especially in your lower back.

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