Turkish Get Up: Work Your Core and Shoulders

turkish get up

Turkish Get Up

The Turkish Get Up works the upper and lower abs. Using a dumbbell, the exercise also works the shoulder. Make sure to keep your core tight throughout the exercise. The Turkish Get Up exercise is related to the Turkish Sit Up. Both exercises work the obliques, and rectus adominus (upper abs). This is a great shoulder stability exercise, that works your core, too.

Turkish Get Up Benefits

The benefits of the Turkish Get Up include improved strength, flexibility, and stability. Get Ups improve shoulder strength, as well as, improving core performance. Get Ups also help with gaining full body strength of the legs, glutes, core, and back.

turkish get up

Turkish Get Up Mental Cue

Celebrity fitness trainer, Gunnar Peterson, has his clients do Turkish Get Ups. When doing them, try to imagine that are throwing a javelin. Keep your core and arms tight throughout the exercise, while also keeping your legs still. His clients include Gwen Stefani, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Lopez.

gunnar peterson celebrity trainer

Turkish Get Up Exercise

The Turkish Get Up is similar to the Turkish Sit Up. The Turkish Get up has you raise the dumbbell over your head. Put one leg out to the side, and raise the dumbbell in the air.

Here, you start by lying on your back with a dumbbell in hand:

  1. Bend your right leg to a right angle, and putt in closer to your torso.
  2. Keep left leg straight, while pulling your shoulder back.
  3. Raise the dumbbell over your stomach, and punch the dumbbell toward the ceiling.
  4. (In a Full Get Up), you stand all the way up, bringing both feet together.
  5. (In a Full Get Up), return to the ground by getting back down on one knee.
  6. Then, return to starting position.

Popular Turkish Get Up Workouts

Popular Variation: Turkish Sit Up

To do a Turkish sit up:

  1. Lie on your back with legs spread out evenly.
  2. Holding a dumbbell, perform an ab crunch.
  3. Keep your alternate arm outspread for balance.
  4. Each set, use your opposing arm to perform the Turkish Sit Up.

Here is a video showing how to do a Turkish Sit Up:

Proper Turkish Get Up Technique

Proper Turkish Get Up form requires that you keep your legs still. Don’t jerk during the Turkish Get Up. Keep your core tight throughout the exercise. Here is a special techniques, showing you how to perform a Full Get Up with someone attached.

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