Body Weight Workout: 16 Minute Total Body Workout

body weight workout

Body Weight Workouts: 16 Min Total Body Workout

Total Body Workouts are a great way to stay in shape, while working your entire body. This 16 minute total body workout emphasizes toning your legs. Also, you will work your core and upper body. You can do total body workouts at home, or anywhere you like. As this total body workout focuses on toning your legs, therefore it’s a popular workout for women.

This total body workout program will use Half Burpee Sandbag Swings, Inner Thigh Left Leg Lifts, One Leg Staggered Pushups, and Inner Thigh Right Leg Lifts. This fast, but focused, total body workout will work your:

  1. glutes
  2. hamstrings
  3. upper body
  4. thighs
  5. quads
  6. core
  7. abs

total body workout

Each round lasts for 30 Seconds, followed by 10 Seconds of rest. If you need to, take one minute off in between rounds. Today’s workout requires a sandbag and an equalizer, or something similar you can find around the house. The One-legged Pushups will work your upper body and abs, since you have to balance yourself on only 3 points.

Total Body Workouts: 16 Min Total Body Routine

  1. Half Burpee Sandbag Swings
  2. Inner Thigh Left Leg Lifts
  3. One Leg Staggered Pushups
  4. Inner Thigh Right Leg Lifts

Half Burpee Sandbag Swings– Push down then all the way up through each burpee swing. Use a sand bag for resistance training. Or, do a standard burpee with a jump at the end for a more cardio based workout.

Leg Lifts– Get your balance, then lift up and back down. Engage your core and make sure your hips do not drop. Keeping your core tight will help build your core muscles and cinch your waist. Go down on your elbow if your support hand is getting tired. You will do Left Leg lifts, then Right Leg lifts with a break in between to rest your core.

One Leg Staggered Pushups– Here, you push and go down on one leg. Make sure your whole body hits the floor each time. Power through each pushup one at a time. It doesn’t matter if you’re slow, just do as many as you can.

Total Body Workouts: 16 Min Total Body Tutorial

If you need an alternative for the Half Burpee Sandbag Swing, or don’t have a sandbag, check out the total body workout tutorial below. Without a bag, you can do a full burpee. At the end, make sure to power jump into that air as many times as you can. This will add more cardio to the workout.

Second, it is nice to use an equalizer for your inner thigh leg lifts. But, you can use the plank position instead. This is an advanced modification. Put one hand in the air, and put your other elbow on the ground. Make sure your body is straight. If your ankles, can’t support this exercise, use a couch or chair in place of the equalizer. This is an easier version of the leg lift.

For Push ups, you can simply do push ups with one leg in the air. Try to use whatever you have around the house. Adding a bit of resistance training to your total body workout tells your body it has to adapt. Your hormones will change, as your body tries to compensate for the new stresses you are putting it through. As your body rests at night, you will develop the changes to your body that you are looking for.

Get A Dip Station or Use Elevated Objects

If you don’t have a dip station, try to find a suitable elevated object around your house. You can use a couch or bed frame to elevate yourself for some of these exercises. If you’re looking for something more sturdy, then opt for buying a dip station.

dip station for at-home cardio workouts

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