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Brady’s Throwing Motion

Tom House, the legendary quarterback coach, works on Tom Brady’s throwing motion. What Tom Brady works on with Tom House is all about throwing a proper football. To perfect his throwing motion, House uses computer technology to improve Brady’s arm movements.

Tom Brady with Tom House

Together, they use 3-D motion analysis, study the length of Brady’s stride, and monitor his eye level from snap to release point. “Hip to shoulder separation” and “ground force production” are common techniques they work on together. To learn more about the guru, see this video about Tom House, the Throwing Doctor.

In the past, Tom Brady used to work on his throwing motion with Tom Martinez. When Martinez passed away, Brady still had written notes, but knew he needed to more help to get better. So, he reached out to Tom House. When they got together, Tom House noticed:

His front side was a little too rotational. He wasn’t maintaining his torque long enough. So [we made] Really small little adjustments.

Tom House is a specialist at making sure an NFL quarterbacks stride is perfect. House realized that Tom Brady, at 6’4″ tall, is long and lanky. To make Brady better, House had him focus on ground-force production.


House noticed that Brady’s stride can “get a little bit too long.” To fix the problem, House had Brady focus on getting into his stride as quickly as possible. House also noticed that Tom’s throwing motion was off; the consistency in his throwing motion wasn’t always there.

They discovered that Brady’s left hand wavered as he threw the football. To help with this issue, House had Tom Brady tuck his left hand in toward his chest as he threw the football. After working with House, Tom Brady says:

I have never had more confidence in how I am throwing the football. I’ve never felt better about throwing the football.

Here’s a video of Tom House instructing aspiring NFL quarterbacks on how to throw the football with a perfect throwing motion:

Tom Brady Fogel Drill

Tom Brady wanted to work on getting rid of the ball faster to avoid sacks. So, Tom House has Brady do the Fogel Drill for 30 seconds at a time. During this time period, he has to shuffle his feet while throwing to 12 different targets.


Here is how the Fogel Drill helped Tom Brady. By doing the Fogel drill, initially designed for baseball pitchers. By constantly striving to get better, Tom House says of Brady:

Tom is pushing back the aging process. There’s no reason he can’t do at 45 what he did at 25.

More Quarterback Drills

Here are some more quarterback drills you can do to improve as a player. Notice there are a few done here by Tom Brady:

Tom Brady & Sleep

Tom Brady has found that getting enough sleep is vital to his performance on the field. Brady now gets to sleep by 9 pm, so that he is refreshed the next day.

Ever relentless about self-improvement, Tom Brady knew there was still more he could do. One thing Brady noticed about himself was that he was having trouble, unwinding after each game.


He constantly found himself continue to go through each play, his reads, and progressions. He had to make sure he had made the right play, or figure out what to do better next time.

After seeing a neuroscientist, Brady now has mental games he uses after each game. These mental games help calm him down, and get to sleep.

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Tom Brady Football Videos

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Tom Brady Workout Summary

Here’s the Tom Brady workout summary:

  • Tom Brady works out with Gunnar Peterson, in the off-season, doing circuit training.
  • Brady spends a lot of time with his friend, Alex Guerrero, staying limber during the season. Their goal is to help Brady continue playing professional football into his 40’s.
  • Working with Tom House, Tom Brady perfects his throwing motion.


The result of Tom Brady’s hard work? There’s plenty. But, one fun fact is that Brady has the best-selling female NFL jersey in most of New England (and Wyoming):

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The Tom Brady diet has the scoop on how he keeps his body lean on his strict, and crazy, diet.

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