Tom Brady Diet | His Strict & Crazy Food Choices

Tom Brady Diet
The Tom Brady Diet features a strict & crazy routine. His food choices are aimed at reducing inflammation, allowing him to perform better on the field. While most of us eat dairy ice cream, Tom Brady’s crazy diet limits him to avocado based ice-cream.


Brady gets help with his diet from his personal trainer, Alex Guerrero. Together, they’re focused on helping Brady play football for as long as possible. He wants to play into his 40’s.

Tom Brady’s diet is all about helping him to perform better on the field. Tom Brady told his local radio station:

The decisions that I make always center around performance enhancement, if that makes sense. So whether that’s what I eat, whether I drink or don’t drink, it’s always football centric. I want to be the best I can be every day.

Brady’s trainer, business partner and best friend, Alex Guerrero, spoke to the New York Times and Sports Illustrated about Tom Brady’s diet. When asked what is central to Tom Brady’s diet, Guerrero says:

He subscribes to the 80/20 theory. But, it’s not 80 percent healthy food / 20 percent unhealthy. it’s 80 percent alkaline, 20 percent acidic.

Tom Brady’s Diet Routine

Tom Brady’s diet routine depends on what time of year it is. In the off-season (spring/summer), Brady eats a “raw diet.” During the season (fall/winter), he opts for red meat and more processed foods.

Tom Brady’s diet routine is based on traditional Chinese Medicine. His nutritionist/trainer has a Master’s degree in Chinese Medicine. Dietary advice in each season from a Chinese perspective is based on living in a balanced, harmonious state of being. Shen Nong explains this ancient Chinese diet by saying:

The basic applying principle is nourishing yang in the spring and summer time, and nourishing yin in autumn and winter time.

Thus, he eats different foods, based on what is fresh, and in season. Tom Brady’s strict diet routine includes:

  • Avoiding alcohol (almost always)
  • Going to sleep by 9 pm / waking up by 5-6 am
  • Year round diet (split by seasons)
  • Lighter food in the off-season (spring/summer)
  • Heavier food during the NFL season (fall/winter)

Tom Brady’s Diet: Breakfast

During the off-season, Brady is restricted to mostly raw foods. For breakfast, Tom Brady’s diet includes spinach and eggs, or even kale. Tom Brady was once served an egg omelette that contained sausage.

2008 Patriots teammate Heath Evans was amazed, as he once watched Tom Brady avoid sausage in his omelette. Evans told Sports Illustrated about what Brady did to that omelette:

Tom Brady wouldn’t eat it until he surgically removed every last piece of sausage from that omelette.

Brady also likes other low-calorie, nutrition-packed foods, like collard greens. Eating greens is especially important during the summer months. The key is to stay lean, and eat alkaline promoting food. This adds longevity to Brady’s career.

During the season, (fall/winter) Brady is able to add meat and more processed foods. He also includes more acidic foods, like coffee, tea, apricots and grapefruit.


Sometimes, Tom Brady splurges, and gets to have pancakes. This is especially true during the season (fall/winter) months. Tom’s recipe isn’t for your typical pancakes. They’re filled with an egg-based batter, and usually topped with berries.

Here’s Tom Brady’s breakfast pancakes, or “BradyCakes” recipe:

  1. Beat 5 eggs until bubbly.
  2. Pour 1/4 cup of almond oil.
  3. Add a dash of vanilla extract, baking powder.
  4. Add a little scoop of protein power.
  5. Drop a little bit of butter onto a medium-low heat pan.
  6. Let it bubble through, shake it a little bit if it needs help.
  7. Then, flip it and you’ve made nutritious, delicious pancakes.

In another Instagram, Gisele shares a picture of a raw coconut that she is drinking for breakfast. It’s possible Tom Brady enjoys this, too.


Tom Brady’s Diet: Lunch

During the spring/summer months, Tom Brady’s lunch contains raw nutrient bars and hummus. Some of the best raw nutrient bars are made by Raw Revolution. Other carbohydrates Brady eats during the spring/summer include onions, leeks, yams, dates, wheat, mushrooms and spinach.

During the winter, Tom Brady’s diet includes turkey wraps with mustard, along with almonds, veggies with hummus, as well. Tom Brady is allowed to introduce almond milk, and moderate dairy foods, into his diet during the season (fall/winter months). Otherwise, he stays away from it.


According to an interview in the NY Times, Gisele believes in the health benefits of drinking spring water. She puts the spring water in blue bottles exposed directly to sunlight. This helps activate the vitamins & minerals as they react to blue/sunlight. Much more so than tap water. So, Tom drank that water, when he gave the interview to the NY Times.

Tom Brady’s Diet: Dinner

Tom Brady’s dinner in the summer months includes vegetables, sprouted grains, nuts, seeds, tomatoes and tofu. He also opts for root vegetables, like sweet potatoes. This maintains the alkaline balance he’s looking for in his diet. An alkaline diet prevents a buildup of inflammation.


In the winter months, Tom Brady is more likely to eat grass-fed beef, fish, dates and other “heavy foods.” Rice is something Brady gets to eat in the fall/winter months, too.


Pineapple, watermelon, raspberries and nectarines are the best alkaline fruits one can eat. You can eat these fruits year-round, based on what is in season.


Tom Brady’s Diet: Dessert

For dessert, Tom Brady’s diet includes raw macaroons and avocado ice cream. About his ice cream dessert, his trainer says:

His ice cream is made from raw ingredients, mostly vegetables. He favors an avocado base with cacao mixed in as chocolate.

Tom Brady Supplements

Tom Brady takes supplements to help his performance on the field. In 2012, he told Bodybuilding that takes vitamins every day. He also enjoys protein shakes and bars to help recover from a workout. He takes creatine to promote lean muscle growth.

Tom Brady Diet Summary

So, a summary of the Tom Brady diet:

  • Tom Brady’s diet is based on being 80% alkaline in nature.
  • Based on Chinese medicine, he eats lighter in the summer months, and eats heavier (more meat and processed food like rice) in the winter.
  • Tom Brady’s favorite morning treat is pancakes. His desserts include raw macaroons and avocado-based ice cream.
  • Eating heavier in the fall/winter means he can enjoy a turkey leg, or even the choice piece of a Turducken.


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