Tim McGraw Workout & Paleo Diet

Tim McGraw Diet Breakdown

The Tim McGraw diet breakdown comes from an interview in People Magazine. Tim McGraw provides the following breakdown of his day/diet:

  • 7 AM – Hot water, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, organic honey
  • 8 AM – Breakfast: Fresh berries, muesli, organic yogurt all mixed together, or organic oats (groats)* with fruit and maple syrup.
  • 9 AM – Morning Training
  • 10 AM – Snack: Spelt flour pancakes (soy milk, egg whites, goji berries, flax seed)
  • 12-1 PM – Early Afternoon Training (eat an apple or grapes, post-workout)
  • 1 PM – Lunch: Kale salad (with balsamic vinegar, cranberries and Parmesan cheese), or tuna (mixed with onion and celery), lemon juice, Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, ginger, organic yogurt, touch of maple syrup, half an avocado, sprouts, rock salt, pepper and olive oil.
  • 3 PM – Snack: Nuts like almonds, pecans, walnuts, grounded in a fruit smoothie (adding spinach doesn’t hurt)
  • 5 PM – Afternoon Training
  • 7-8 PM – Dinner: Grilled Salmon or Steak, with lime juice, ginger, fish sauce, paprika; toasted sesame seeds, stir fry greens, grilled asparagus, and/or polenta.

*Groats taste good, and make you feel full, but take an hour to cook unless you soak then the night before.


Tim McGraw Cheat Meals

Tim McGraw loves to have a cheat meal now and then. He says his go-to cheat meal is a cheeseburger and sweet tea. The reason he can have cheat meals is because he works out 3 times a day. Tim McGraw talks about food, and explains why he has to work out 3 times a day. It’s so that he can have a cheat meal, once in a while:

I like to eat. I like food. That is one of the reasons that I throw that extra hour of working out in.

Tim McGraw Workout Motivation

Tim McGraw’s workout motivation stems from a few sources. The most important was his family. His wife and daughters told him he had to change his ways. It even came close to the point where he was risking his marriage to Faith Hill. In 2008, Tim McGraw decided to stop drinking. McGraw told Men’s Health:

When your wife tells you it’s gone too far, that’s a big wake-up call. That, and realizing you’re gonna lose everything you have. Not monetarily, not career-wise, but family-wise. That’s enough to straighten you out.

Here’s a picture showing Tim McGraw’s weight loss and utter transformation:


On a more aesthetic note, Tim McGraw also saw himself on the big screen. Not only from his music tours, but also the movie Four Christmases. McGraw noticed that he didn’t have the body he had thought he had. He says:

I saw my big fat face pop up on a 100-foot movie screen, and I thought: Either the bulls#%t has to go, the confidence has to go, or something [the fat] has to go.

Tim McGraw also grew up adoring the music of country singer Keith Whitley. They were similar in that they liked a few drinks before a concert to give them the courage to perform. Due to drinking, Keith Whitley turned from the latest country sensation to a dead man. Tim didn’t want to follow down that path.

After performing in Las Vegas with his wife, Tim McGraw wondered:

I just wonder what kind of music we could of been hearing from Keith Whitley right now? What would his evolution have been as a singer and songwriter. It’s sad. Really sad.


Personal trainer Roger Yuan says that the work has paid off. Tim McGraw is in great shape. Yuan talks about Tim McGraw’s workout motivation and work ethic:

I have trained with a lot of people, and many are hard workers. But, Tim is another animal. I have to rein him in and have to tell him, ‘You can’t do that much.’ There is no quitting in him.

Here, Tim McGraw’s trainer shows you some of his moves. He says he takes standard exercises, and finds way to focus on the core. This mimics actual animal movements that strengthen the body.

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