Thor Workout: How Chris Hemsworth Had To Get Fit Quick

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Thor Workout For Thursday = Shoulder & Triceps Day

Despite being shoulder & triceps day, Mike Knight likes to keep Thor’s lower body active on a daily basis. Therefore, the Thor Workout for Thursday includes some leg work before going into shoulders and triceps.


Warmup: 20 of each

Shoulder / Triceps Workout:

  • Training for Muscle Growth: 8-12 reps for 3-5 sets. Rest 1 min.
Military Shoulder Press 3-58-1260 secs
Clean into Push Press3-58-1260 secs
Front Shoulder Raises3-58-1260 secs
Side Shoulder Raises3-58-1260 secs
Bent-over Lateral Raise3-58-1260 secs
Triceps Push-downs (Normal Grip)3-58-1260 secs
Triceps Push-downs (Narrow Grip)3-58-1260 secs
Lying Tricep Skullcrushers3-58-1260 secs


Mike Knight not only focused on moves that would strengthen Thor’s shoulders, but also on exercises that would torch his body fat. Thor trainer Mike Knight of AOS Kettlebells says:

I did this by having him do a total body circuit based around classic strongman moves such as log presses, tire flips, sledgehammers, and circuits with kettlebells. This got him down to a fighting weight of 99 kilos.

Tabata/ Fat-Burning circuit:

Do 20 seconds of each exercise. Then, spend 10 secs getting ready for the next exercise. Then, immediately move onto the next exercise. You start the circuit with 20 secs of Turkish Get Ups before moving onto the next exercise. 5 rounds of this workout is a lot. For Thor, Chris Hemsworth had to build up enough stamina to do all 5. It’s fine to start with just 3, and work your way up.

5 Total Rounds (20 secs on / 10 secs rest of each exercise)

  1. Turkish Get-Ups
  2. Kettlebell Windmills
  3. Sledgehammers
  4. Nautical Ropes
  5. Log press and Pushup (5 of each then repeat – time permitting)
  6. Prowler Sprints
  7. Jump Rope

Here are the Detroit Red Wings performing a very similar circuit (modified for Hockey players) at AOS with trainer Mike Knight:

Since you may not have access to a log, use dumbbells or a barbell instead. Medicine Ball Slams can take the place of Sledgehammers.

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    • Thursday is the Big Shoulder day for Chris Hemsworth. Also, the kettlebell workouts develop the shoulders as well. The goal for the Thor 2 workout was to gain muscle and get fit quick.

      The barbell and dumbbell workouts were designed to gain muscle mass. The kettlebell and Tabata training were designed to “shred every last ounce of fat,” according to his trainer.

  1. which one is the original workout there are two chris hemsworth workouts and is this for the second movie and that one for the first movie?

  2. Can i use the tabatha circuit like a finishers for workouts instead the cardio? i am making the Joe Manganiello magic mike workout and sometimes the cardio machines are full of people and use dumbells instead of kettlebells?

    • Of course. Mixing and matching the workouts for your own needs/what you like to do is the key to long-term success! Just make sure that you’re challenging yourself over time.

      Sometimes, we stick to what we like to do, instead of what challenges us. Just make sure you’re doing the hard stuff, too, so that your body has to adapt to change.

      • Well i found just 1 7kg Kettlebells that my cousin gift me is it weighted enough? for the tabata and kettlebell training?

        • It might be. Try it, but make sure it's challenging enough for you. You can always fill up old milk jugs for makeshift ones. Also, you may be able to just use dumbbells instead.

          • Well i am a beginner on the kettlbell training so the 7kg is too light for swinging so i was investigating and i found that the weight recommended for beginners is from 10 to 16 kg what weight do you recommend Chris? i am tall 172 meters and i weight 72 kg

            • Form is the key. Watch as many videos as you can. Once you find your lower body is doing most of the lifting, and your arms are acting merely as “attachments,” you’ll be on the right track. Don’t go too heavy starting out, as that can hurt your back. Once comfortable, you’ll find that going up higher in weight gets easy. Yes, start around 10 to 16 kg, get your form down, then slowly increase over time.

  3. on here it says that monday is a big chest and leg day but the higlighted excercises on that day are for Chest and Biceps with a list of separate chest and leg exercises after if doing chest and legs should i add in some legs too or replacing what i’m assuming is a mistake of the Bis with legs?

    • Hi,

      Monday is a chest/legs day. The table was wrong; there are no biceps exercises on Monday. I’ve gone ahead and inserted the correct table (initially put the wrong table there). Thanks for noticing!

      • Hey so if you are use to lifting weights but are over wight somewhat could this help me get stronger and lose wight at the same time? Also what can I sub for the MMA and boxing surfing cardio in a crowed gym?

        • Yes, this is a good one. But, remember your diet will shape everything. Eat high quality proteins and slow-digesting carbohydrates. If you can gain weight fast, it’s suggested to do 75% weights and 25% cardio. The bigger your muscles, the more fat you burn all day long!

          For cardio, do whatever you enjoy. Because if you’ll keep doing it, it’s much better than doing something you hate. In a crowded gym, I’d stick to the cardio machines and kettlebells (if they have them). Kettlebell Swings (with proper form) are a great finisher to any workout.

  4. Hey so if you are use to lifting weights but are over wight somewhat could this help me get stronger and lose wight at the same time? Also what can I sub for the MMA and boxing surfing cardio in a crowed gym?

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