Team Hercules Workout: The Rock’s Latest Fitness Challenge

The Rock Work Ethic

You can learn a lot about The Rock work ethic for Hercules. The best way is hearing to what The Rock is willing to give up. In April 2014, The Rock said:

I’M DONE. No more 4am wake ups to lift heavy iron before work. No more driving my pick up truck. No more having great love and appreciation for women and children. No more eating clean. No more epic cheat meals. No more loving animals. No more cussing. No more loving my job. And definitely, 100%, in no uncertain terms… no more drinking fine tequila. Yeah.. Um…April Fools!!

(It was the first day of April). Finish by doing a 2nd legs workout, if you have the same goals as The Rock. Otherwise, you can take day 6 off, or use it to work an area you might have missed.


Bodybuilding Hercules Workout

The Bodybuilding Hercules workout is the one he shared with It varies slightly from the Team Hercules workout. This shows us that The Rock varies his routine and reps from time to time. Changing things up is important, in order to avoid plateau when bodybuilding. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that for increasing size, science tells us that 8-12 reps is the optimal rep range. The Rock usually stays within this rep range.

But, from time to time, The Rock will venture further into a higher rep range to fatigue his muscles. He learned this technique from his trainer, George Farah. Farah emphasizes moving between the 8-12x rep range and ‘high volume’ exercises. These high volume exercises are done to bring the smallest of muscle fibers to fatigue. The Rock shared this workout with’s magazine, Train:



Team Hercules Workout Videos

Here’s a few Team Hercules workout videos & related content. In the first one, The Rock introduces you to the #TeamHercules workout team:

A compilation of every Rock Instagram post while training for the movie Hercules:

The Official Hercules Trailer:

The Hodge Twins (Famous YouTube Fitness Personalities) get into the action:


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