Tailpipe Workout

The Tailpipe workout is a fat-burning cardio workout. It combines Sprint Rowing with KB Rack Holds. The name comes from the idea you should feel exhausted by the end of the workout. So tired, in fact, you should feel so out-of-breath, you feel “like you just sucked on a tailpipe.” The Tailpipe workout is best used as a 2-person workout. Henry Cavill used this workout while training for Superman: Man of Steel.

The Tailpipe workout is a cardio circuit made famous by the Gerard Butler Workout, Henry Cavill Superman Workout and the Ben Affleck Batman Workout. With 2 people doing it together, one person sprints on a rowing machine. The other does KB Rack Holds. The idea is the person doing the rowing has to do it quickly. The other player is forced to hold heavy weight until the other finishes.

At some point, the person rowing finally finishes. Only then, can the other player drop the heavy weight. If you’re doing this solo, just do the 250 meters of rowing. Then, do the KB holds for as long as it took you to finish the rowing.

Superman Workout Routine Week 3 Henry Cavill Arms Abs

Gym Jones “Tailpipe” Workout

The Gym Jones “Tailpipe” Workout:

(Because you will feel like you’re sucking on a “Tail Pipe” by the end of these 2 exercises)

  • 250m on a Rowing Machine as fast as you can go, with heavy resistance
  • Kettlebell Rack Hold with 53 pounds in each hand, hold for as long as it took to finish the rowing.
  • (Or, 1 minute if you’re just starting out).
  • At Gym Jones, one person rows while the other person holds the Kettlebells. This makes it tough on the person holding the kettlebells to persevere, while the other person finishes their rowing.
  • 2-3 sets, at each station. To complete one set: do the first exercise, switch positions, and do the other exercise. To complete the Tailpipe workout, athletes at Gym Jones go for 2-3 sets.

Gym Jones uses the Tailpipe workout as one of their fat-burning, cardio workouts. They’re famous for the superhero transformation of many actors. For example:

Tailpipe Workout with 2 Players

Player 1: 250m Row

Player 2: Kettlebell Rack Hold @ 2x 53 lbs.

If you don’t have a kettlebell, use a dumbbell or some other weight. At Gym Jones, they use a sandbag across the chest or the Slosh Pipe overhead. Mark Twight says:

We use this workout to illustrate the necessity of training to breathe under a load, either being crushed under an opponent. Given enough endurance that these muscles do not become contributors to systemic fatigue the athlete will experience fitness gains outside of normally recognized pathways.

Here’s Gym Jones trainee, Henry Cavill, doing Gym Jones training for Man of Steel: