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Carrie Underwood being interviewed

How Carrie Underwood Stays Fit

Carrie Underwood stays fit any way she can. She shares some of these ways in her latest Instagram posts. In one of the most...
Adele Face Close-Up WIth Makeup

Adele Fitness Woes: Something We Can Relate To

Adele's latest fitness woes are something we can all relate to. She recently shared an Instagram, showing she was having a hard time working out. Just like the rest of us, the #1 hit singer showcases a harsh reality: Getting in shape isn't easy.

Christina Aguilera Diet & Weight Loss

The Christina Aguilera diet has evolved over the years. Having many unique challenges in her life, Christina Aguilera has struggled, but always won her...

Become Beyonce With This Dance Workout

Become Beyonce with this dance workout. With this dance video workout, you may not even realize that moving to the beat is burning your...

Lady Gaga Workout & Diet: Monster’s Ball Shape 5-Factor

The Lady Gaga workout & diet was inspired by the 5-Factor Fitness health trend. To get in Monster's Ball shape Lady Gaga tapped celebrity...