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Jennifer Garner Workout & Diet: With Valerie Waters

The Jennifer Garner workout combines cardio, weights, and even something called the Valslide. Jennifer Garner has worked out with her trainer, Valerie Waters, for over...

Jay-Z Workout & Diet: How Jay-Z Uses Power Moves

Jay-Z Workout The Jay-Z workout focuses on cardio, interval training, ab work, and a healthy diet. Jay-Z works out with Marco Borges, the creator of Power Moves. You...

Beyonce Workout & Diet: Power Moves For A Busy Lifestyle

Beyonce Workout The Beyonce workout focuses on cardio, interval training, ab work, and a healthy diet. Beyonce focuses on Power Moves, where you move all...
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Julia Roberts Workout & Diet: Get Her Aerobics Training Routine

Julia Roberts Workout The Julia Roberts workout is a five per week, 90-minute workout. Her fitness routine combines aerobic step workout with strength training. The Julia...
Jessica Biel Workout Hanging Leg Raises

Jessica Biel Workout & Diet: Get Her Secrets To Staying Thin

Jessica Biel Workout The Jessica Biel Workout combines walking lunges, sprinting, cardio workouts, and yoga. Her secret to staying thin is working out with celebrity...
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Gisele Workout & Diet: Combining Kung Fu, Yoga, and Aerobics

Gisele Workout The Gisele workout combines Kung Fu, aerobics, and yoga. She does Kung Fu 3 days a week, and does yoga/aerobics on the other...
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One-Arm Side Plank: Yoga Pose

One-Arm Side Plank The One-Arm Side Plank is a yoga pose that works the abs, butt, hamstrings, arms, and calves. This is one of the...