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Top Celebrity Diet Secrets From 2014

Here are the Top Celebrity Diet Secrets from 2014. From Kim Kardashian and Elizabeth Banks, to Kate Hudson to Shakira, we've got you covered...

Shakira Workout: Sexy Moves Straight From Her Trainer

The Shakira Workout includes sexy moves straight from her trainer. The goal of the Shakira Workout is to get toned arms and defined abs,...
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Adrianne Palicki Workout: Shaping Up For G.I. Joe

Adrianne Palicki Workout The Adrianne Palicki workout involves a lot of serious circuit training. As an up-and-coming Hollywood starlet, she has had to shape up...

Blake Lively Workout & Diet: Get Her Long And Lean Legs

Blake Lively Workout The Blake Lively Workout is your guide to getting her long, lean legs and body. Blake Lively's workouts during The Green Lantern were 4...

Ryan Reynolds Workout: How Green Lantern Got A Lean Body

Ryan Reynolds Workout The Ryan Reynolds Workout shows how he got a lean body for Green Lantern. He used a lot of body weight and...
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Sofia Vergara Workout Diet: Curves in the Right Places

Sofia Vergara Workout The Sofia Vergara Workout and Diet is about keeping her curves in the right places. Raised in Columbia, Sofia is said to...