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Kylie Jenner Diet: How to Get in Bathing Suit Shape

The Kylie Jenner diet shows you how to get in bathing suit shape. Kylie Jenner has one big diet secret, which she learned from...
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Lindsay Lohan’s [Crazy] Weight Loss Tricks

Lindsay Lohan is up to some crazy weight loss tricks again. Her weight loss now includes cryotherapy and teatoxing. Cryotherapy means she's jumping into...
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Kylie Jenner Workout Routine: Flaunting Her Body

The Kylie Jenner workout created the body you see all over the media. Because she's constantly flaunting her body on Instagram, she better have a good body to back it up. Kylie Jenner's workout includes running in the Hollywood Hills, in fashion, of course. Kylie works out, while taking selfies, and listening to some sick beats.

Kendall Jenner Workout: Life As A Teenage Model

The Kendall Jenner workout has helped propel her modeling career into full force. Although some claim her career has been handed to her, life...