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Carrie Underwood being interviewed

How Carrie Underwood Stays Fit

Carrie Underwood stays fit any way she can. She shares some of these ways in her latest Instagram posts. In one of the most...

Christina Aguilera Diet & Weight Loss

The Christina Aguilera diet has evolved over the years. Having many unique challenges in her life, Christina Aguilera has struggled, but always won her...

Shakira Workout: Sexy Moves Straight From Her Trainer

The Shakira Workout includes sexy moves straight from her trainer. The goal of the Shakira Workout is to get toned arms and defined abs,...

Jessica Simpson Workout And Diet: Her Weight Loss Secrets

The Jessica Simpson workout and diet is the secret behind her recent weight loss. Jessica Simpson's workout is divided into two parts. The first is...
kendra wilkinson workout pose

Kendra Wilkinson Workout & Diet: Switching It Up

Kendra Wilkinson Workout The Kendra Wilkinson workout combines aerobics, running, cardio boxing and yoga. The "Girls Next Door," "Dancing With the Stars," and "Kendra On Top"...