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Sylvester Stallone Workout: Rocky & Rambo

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Rocky 3 Workout

The Sylvester Stallone workout for Rocky 3 was similar to Rocky II. But, Stallone had to lose weight to fit the David v. Goliath image of the movie. (He was gearing up to fight Mr. T). His trainer says they used the same exercises, but did some variations.


The key difference for the Rocky 3 workout was that they added more conditioning. Stallone also changed his diet drastically. Read more about the Sylvester Stallone Diet here. For Rocky 3, the Sylvester Stallone workout used metabolic conditioning circuits, including 18 rounds of sparring in the ring and lots of jump roping.

The Sylvester Stallone Rocky 3 Workout included:

  • 18 rounds of sparring in the ring
  • 2 hours of weight lifting (described on previous pages)
  • 2 miles of jogging
  • Lots of jump roping
  • Finish the day by swimming

Sylvester Stallone Body Weight

Sylvester Stallone’s Body Weight changed from movie to movie, based on the needs of the script and how Stallone wanted to look. He would change his training and diet to arrive at his ideal body weight. In each Rocky film, Sylvester Stallone weighed:

  • Rocky I: 178 pounds
  • Rocky II: 200 pounds
  • Rocky III: 163 pounds
  • Rocky IV: 173 pounds

For Rocky IV, when he was 173 pounds, Stallone says:

I like this weight, because it is a fuller, rounder look, more in keeping with the old Roman athletes. I’m not quite as sinewy as I was in Rocky III, but I feel stronger.


Rocky IV Training

While training for Rocky IV, Stallone was pulling a sled and heard a ‘snap.’ Later that day, he learned that he had bruised a heart muscle. 10 days later, Rocky was back in filming. Talking about his ups and downs, Stallone says that he has been injured multiple times. Despite those injuries, “Rocky” says:

Sometimes I look back in anger, but then again I look back with kind of bittersweet smile and think: Maybe if the cards hadn’t fallen the way they have, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Sylvester Stallone Rocky Balboa Workout

The Sylvester Stallone Rocky Balboa Workout (2006) used Gunnar Peterson as the trainer. Stallone knew he could resort to Mr. Olympia style bodybuilding while in his fifties and sixties. Stallone admits his workouts were more injury prone:

This one was injury-prone. The joints wear down and you get inflammations of things you didn’t know existed. it became living with conditions because nothing was going away. Every day was an Advil day. In all five Rocky movies put together, I didn’t have this many injuries…I broke my foot. I had a bulging disc in my neck. I shredded a calf muscle.

(From People Magazine Interview 2006)


Sylvester Stallone’s inspirational speech from Rocky Balboa:

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  1. hello cris i’m raf from italy!! the last year I trained with workout -man of steel – AR7 Conan – Manganiello superset !! in the summer I had a body to envy !!!! thank you !!!
    this year I started with the workout Wolverine and now I am continuing with Sylvester Stallone Rocky and Rambo !!! fantastic and great results !!! I will continue to be more in the form of last year !!! sorry for my english!!! bye….:D

    • Hello Raf,

      Great to hear from you, again! Happy the workout routines are working out for you. I personally love the burn you can get with the Jason Momoa AR7 Conan workout. The Joe Manganiello supersets are killer, I need to get back to those!

      Let me now how the Stallone workout goes. If you have any celebrity workout requests you would like me to write about, let me know. Your English is great, it’s my Italian that’s bad.


    • Yes, they surely did more and switched things up. I only stick to the information about the workout that each actor/trainer provides to the public.

  2. Hi Chris Davis i want to ask you one question . For abs exercice the lateral extensions i must to do 50 per sides or 25 per side ? Thank you !

    • Hi, thanks for asking.

      The quick answer is reps 25 per side. For the abs routine, do 50 total for Double Crunches, Bicycle Crunches and Lateral Extensions (or 25 per side). For Bench Side Crunches, do 50 per side. You may need to work up to this rep number. Don't feel bad if it takes you awhile. Just get better, and maintain good form, each week.

  3. Not sure you got all this right. I read on several occasions that Sly only did 12-16 sets of each body part on a given day using the instinctive training method going hard and keeping his heart rate up throughout. It's hard to imagine someone doing 20-21 sets of chest for example three times a week (often doing supersets), even for a bodybuilder in competition mode. That is over 60 sets alone of chest which would be over training for anyone. As it is, doing 36-40 sets of a body part is bloody intense but more manageable for the body to substain.

  4. I always thought that Stallone would have deserved a role in Tarzan.Now i see that he wanted a physique like Tarzan,so i was right thinking like that.

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