Sylvester Stallone Expendables Workout

Sylvester Stallone The Expendables Workout

The Sylvester Stallone Expendables Workout has gotten Stallone back in shape. Now in his late sixties, the actor who plays Barney Ross has developed a strategy for looking younger. He claims looking younger is a product of training smarter. Stallone used to train all-out with Mr. Olympia Franco Columbu For Rambo an Rocky. Now, for the Expendables Workout, Stallone works out with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson.


In order to train smarter, the Sylvester Stallone Expendables Workout consists of 3, 90-minute workouts per week. About the workouts, Sylvester Stallone says:

Now I focus on a variety of exercises, working out three times a week for 90 minutes per session. I really feel good. Much stronger than I’ve ever felt, actually. Something is working.”


The Expendables 3 Official Trailer:


The Sylvester Stallone Expendables workout comes straight from Stallone, who was asked about it. In Muscle & Fitness Magazine, Sylvester Stallone says his training consists of the following.

I do 10 minutes of warming up – stretching my arms, legs, back and neck. Then I start to work on my arms, lifting weights for 45 minutes to build and tone the biceps and triceps. Next I’ll work on my shoulders for 25 minutes. After that, I do 25-30 minutes of work on my abdomen, such as sit- ups. Next, I stand with my feet about shoulder-width apart, hold a broom stick behind me, under my elbows, and do 500 shoulder twists – turning as far as I can to the right and then the left.

So, The Sylvester Stallone Workout For Expendables Routine is done 3 times per week. It looks like this:

  • Arms Workout: 45 Minutes
  • Shoulders: 25 Minutes
  • Abs/Core: 25-30 Minutes
  • 500 Shoulder Twists


Sylvester Stallone Expendables Arms Workout

The Sylvester Stallone Expendables Arms Workout is ideally done in a circuit format. Stallone carried over what he learned from 2-time Mr. Olympia, Franco Columbu, that you want to do your arms workouts in circuit format.

It may be hard, especially in a crowded gym, to move from one exercise to the next, then repeating the circuit 3-4 more times. But, this is the best way to really get the blood flowing into your arms. Your arms, despite being important to your overall physique, are small muscles. They benefit more from the volume of work you do, rather than getting them to failure as fast as you can.

Here is Sylvester Stallone’s Bicep/Forearms/Triceps Workout (as published in Muscle & Fitness).

Stallone Expendables Biceps Workout

Exercise SetsRepsDetails
Underhand Pulldowns4-512-15Narrow Grip
Barbell Curls4-5AMAP / 6-8Narrow Grip
Go to Failure on First Sets
6-8 on Finisher sets
Incline Alternating DB Hammer Curls4-510-12 (per side)
High Cable Curls4-510-12Squeeze Biceps &
Hold Movement at Top
Preacher Curls4-510-12Superset #1
Reverse Curls4-510-12Superset #1


Stallone Expendables Forearms Workout

For the Forearms workout, you may not have access to a cable. Therefore, it’s an optional exercise.

Exercise SetsRepsDetails
Wrist Curls4-525 or moreCircuit Format:
Reverse Wrist Curls4-525 or moreDo One Exercise
Then Move To The Next
Timed Hang from Bar4-5 Timed: 120 secsNo rest between exercises
Cable Wrist Roll1FailureNon-Circuit: Optional

Stallone Expendables Triceps Workout

Do the entire Stallone Triceps Workout as a circuit. The last exercise is excluded. After 4-5 circuits, finish your triceps workout with Close-Grip or Diamond Pushups. Keep your elbows tight, and go AMAP (As Many As Possible) for 3 sets. Stallone rests 30 seconds after the first set, and 60 seconds after the 2nd set is finished. He then goes for one more set.

ExerciseSets RepsDetails
Explosive Close-Grip Bench Press4-520-25Use Smith Machine
Skull Crushers4-512-15
Bench Dips w/ Feet Elevated4-5AMAP
Grapple Grip Pushdowns4-512-15Sub: Tricep Pushdowns
Close-Grip Pushups3AMAPRest 30 secs, repeat, rest 60 secs then repeat again.

Stallone Expendables Shoulder Workout

Exercise Reps  
Arnold Press410
Standing Lateral Raise410
Bent-over Lat Raises410
Alternating DB Front Raises310
Fat Grip Lateral Raise310
Towel pull-up3To FailurePut a towel over a Pull Up Bar with Neutral Grip

The main exercises from the Stallone Expendables Shoulder Workout are the staples he learned from his trainer, Mr. Olympia, Franco Columbu. This includes the famous Arnold Press (Arnold worked with Franco Columbu, too). Gunnar Peterson, Stallone’s recent trainer, then shared the “Finishers” of the Sylvester Stallone Shoulder Workout with Men’s Fitness.

Stallone Expendables Abs Workout

Abs Workout #1

Double Crunches350Abs Superset:
Bicycle Crunches350Do 50 of Each Abs Exercise
Bench Side Crunches350 (per side)Then Move Onto The Next
Lateral Extensions350Exercise & Do 50 More

Sly also did Decline Bench Crunches With a Twist (6:54 of The Stallone InStone Workout). Sly also shared his alternate abs workout, self-authored in AskMen.



Abs Workout #2

This abs workout, written by Stallone, is for a beginner. You may find that the reps are too small. Feel free to increase reps based on your fitness level:

Exercise Sets Reps Details
ab crunches2-310-30Do As Many as you can
Decline Twisting Crunches2-310-30While Starting Out
Hanging Leg Raises2-3 10Work your way up to 30
Broomstick Twists or Side Twists2-310(Sly does 500)

In the article, Stallone says there’s a “coolness” about The Expendables abs workout:

If you’re not used to crunches, they can cause soreness a day or two later. But, it’s a “cool” soreness. A badge of honor.

Expendables star Sylvester Stallone also tells you how to focus when doing Hanging Leg Raises:

I try to lock the knees and roll my stomach up. If you pull in and roll back instead of lifting the legs straight, you will get a lot more out of this exercise.

Finally, Stallone talks about the Broomstick twists, then gives general advice about having fun, and being who you want to be:

It’s not a sit-up, so don’t bend forward. This is all about the twist. Remember: I want you to enjoy everything you do in the gym. Have fun with it, expect to make some mistakes, and, above all, prepare to become that person you always wanted to be.


  1. Can this workout out really build muscle if I add about 40mins of cardio I want to build more show muscles but lose wight at the same time but press for time any suggestions?

  2. Can this workout out really build muscle if I add about 40mins of cardio I want to build more show muscles but lose wight at the same time but press for time any suggestions?

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