Suspended Incline Press Exercise

Suspended Incline Press Exercise

The Suspended Incline Press exercise typically requires a TRX machine. If you don’t have one, consider getting one or using one at a gym. Otherwise, you can do them by holding your legs up on a bed or chair. Think of the Suspended Incline Press Exercise as a pushup position, with legs suspended.

Suspended Incline Press Exercise

  1. Walk back one foot, looking for a 45 degree angle arms-torso.
  2. Lift your left leg up, and then suspend your right leg above it.
  3. Perform 10 incline pushups
  4. Switch your feet, and do 10 more incline presses.

Aim for: 10 reps each arm

Here is Drew Brees’ trainer, Todd Durkin, showing you how to perform a TRX workout, including the Suspended Incline Press exercise:

  • The Aaron Rodgers Workout and the Drew Brees Workout both use the Suspended Incline Press Exercise. Todd Durkin’s job is to make sure these NFL quarterbacks have an emphasis on joint strength and flexibility.
  • This is something that all aspiring NFL players, or any athlete, can use to improve their shoulder flexibility.
  • The Suspended Incline Press Exercise is a good way to work your chest and shoulders.
  • Use 30 seconds rest between exercises.
  • The higher you suspend your legs, the harder the exercise.

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