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Superman’s Exercise: Engaging Your Abs And Back

superman's exercise

Superman’s Exercise

The Superman’s Exercise engages your abs and also strengthens your back. Beginners may not have much back strength, making this a good exercise to incorporate into your routine. In order to have a strong core, you need exercises like this that engage your back. This exercise has you lift your arms and legs off the ground, as if you were flying. Hence, the name Superman’s.

superman's exercise


Celebrity fitness trainer, Harley Pasternack, likes his clients to do the Superman’s Exercise toward the end of their core circuits. This finishing touch works your abs and back at the same time. This is a good exercise if you suffer from back pain, and want to strengthen your lower back. Also, you will be able to work your glutes while raising your legs in this exercise.

Superman’s Exercise

superman exercise woman

With the Superman’s exercise, remember to exhale as you lift your arms and legs up off the ground. Then, after a few seconds of holding your core in, inhale, as you lower your arms and legs back down. This exercise is perfect for workout your abs, and your back.

To perform the Superman’s Exercise:

  1. Lay face down on a mat or flat surface, with arms outstretched.
  2. Keep your hands and arms straight throughout the exercise.
  3. Raise your hand and legs 4-5 inches off the ground.
  4. Hold for 5 seconds, then return to starting position.

As shown in the video below, there are some variations you can use use while doing the Superman’s Exercise. In this variation, you start with just using your opposite hand and leg. When you’ve mastered the one-arm, one-leg version, you can proceed to Level II. Here, you try doing both hands, then both feet. Finally, the real Superman is where you use both hands and both legs.

Popular Superman’s Exercise Workouts

  • The Lady Gaga workout uses the Superman’s Exercise.
  • The Rihanna workout uses the Superman’s Exercise.
  • The Megan Fox workout uses the Superman’s Exercise
  • The Halle Berry workout uses the Superman’s Exercise
  • The Katy Perry workout uses the Superman’s Exercise
  • The Eva Mendez workout uses the Superman’s Exercise

Superman’s Exercise Flexion Video

This video shows how to do the Superman’s Exercises. It has some variations, especially if you’re having trouble as a beginner. There are a few more variations you can use in this video:

Superman’s Exercise Safety:

It’s important to keep your head and neck neutral during the Superman’s exercise. This means you don’t want it moving or strained, while you perform the exercise. Use the variations in the videos, above, if you are having trouble raising all your appendages. It will take time to build up the strength required to perform this exercise properly. Start with doing the level I or level II variations in the first video. The second video shows how you can criss-cross to start with this exercise.

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