Superman Workout Week 3: Fat-Burning Routine

The Superman Workout Week 3 increases the intensity from the first 2 weeks of his fat burning routine. The Superman actor uses this workout for Man of Steel and Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Henry Cavill opts for this fat-burning routine right before shooting the shirtless scenes in his movies.

Superman Workout Week 3 Man of Steel

Even though this is a metabolic workout, there is still plenty of strength training. To lose weight, Cavill simply reduces his caloric intake while continuing to work out. The Man of Steel cutting phase for the Superman Workout lasts for 1.5 hours a day, 6 days a week.

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Workout

Henry Cavill’s transformation into Superman, in Man of Steel & Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice uses 3 types of workouts: Strength, Power/Endurance, and Recovery days. Before the fat burning routine (below), the Henry Cavill Workout used a mass-gaining type of routine. Now, it’s time to maintain that weight while burning fat.

Superman Workout Week 3 Routine

Here’s the Superman Workout Week 3 routine, which Henry Cavill used to get in shape. It was used during the Fat-Burning phase of his superhero workout:

  • Monday: Strength
  • Tuesday: Recovery
  • Wednesday: Power-endurance
  • Thursday: Recovery
  • Friday: Strength
  • Saturday: Power-endurance
  • Sunday: Rest/Recovery

The goal of the Superman Workout Week 3 routine is to look like a superhero. His trainer, Mark Twight, wants to make sure he’s able to show off his muscles. They really wanted to focus on his chest, shoulders, abs & legs.

Superman Workout Routine Week 3 Henry Cavill Arms Abs

Henry Cavill did the Superman Workout Week 3 routine, leading up to the shirtless scenes in Man of Steel and Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016).

Monday Superman Workout: Strength

The Superman Monday Workout for Week 3 is a strength workout, followed by HIIT training. The wall squats, air squats and goblet squats are all part of the leg warmup. The goal is to focus on technique, posture and to get the blood flowing to your legs.

Wall Squat2515 secWarm Up
Air Squat21015 secWarm Up
Goblet Squat2515 secWarm Up
Walking Lunge210 15 secEach Leg
Deadlift44120 sec@ 70%
Deadlift332 Min@ 80%
Deadlift522 Min@ 90%
Seated DB Press3860 secHeavy
One-Arm Arnold Press31260 sec1-Hand
Rowing Machine62 min1 MinSprint/Rest

The percentages of your deadlift are based on your “max” lift – the maximum weight you think you could lift, if you only had to do it once. For the rowing interval training, the goal is to beat your previous speed in each of the following sets. Rowing is used by Cavill during the Superman workout mainly for safety reasons.

Superman Workout Strength Man of Steel Shoulders

Tuesday Superman Workout: Cardio

The Tuesday Superman Workout for Week 3 is a recovery workout. Cavill uses his recovery days to do a 60-minute cardio workout. These type of workouts help the body increase it’s metabolism. Choose from one of the following:

  • Jogging/Rowing/Swimming
  • Bike Riding/Elliptical/Treadmill

Using music or audiobooks helps to keep things interesting. A long cardio routine can often get boring. That’s why it’s more fun to switch it up every 15 minutes. Or, try something new & different each workout.

Although Cavill mostly stuck to rowing (for safety) with this workout, his trainer says:

Recovery workouts cover a lot of variety, from emphasizing structural work to low intensity jogging sessions…to practice lifting, rowing or swimming.

Wednesday Superman Workout: Barbell Power

For the Wednesday Superman Workout, Cavill uses a barbell to do power training. Do all 5 exercises without ever letting go of the barbell. Rest only after you’ve done 1 set of 5 of each exercise.

Clean and Press55Superset
Front Squats
Barbell Push Press55Superset
Barbell Bent-Over Row55Superset
Barbell Squats320Light
Front Squats312Superset #2
Barbell Push Press312Superset #2
Rowing Machine81 MinSprint/Rest

Today’s workout requires a barbell for the first 5 exercises, or use dumbbells if you have to. The superset is all done together, as circuit training. This means you do one set of each exercise, then immediately move onto the next exercise.

Henry Cavill Superman Man of Steel

Rest 2 minutes after each superset, then repeat the superset until you’ve reached the total of five sets. Advanced: Increase the weight on the barbell after each set. For example, Cavill would go up from 75, to 80, 85, 90, 100 lbs. in weight.

Thursday Superman Workout: Cardio

The Thursday Superman Workout for Week 3 is another cardio workout. Do a 60 min cardio workout, at low-intensity. Choose from any aerobic activity you like, for example:

  • Jogging/Swimming
  • Bike Riding/Rowing
  • Elliptical/Treadmill

Your focus should be on cardio activity at an easy pace. Staying at a lower pace reduces the amount of cortisol the body secretes. This hormone is responsible for your body storing fat, so just have fun for better results.

Friday Superman Workout: Strength

The Friday Superman Workout focuses on strength training. Cavill, and his trainer Mark Twight, wanted to showcase Cavill’s shoulders to give him that ‘superhero’ look. Twight says:

There has never been a superhero who doesn’t have broad shoulders and a narrow waist. Henry worked to accentuate that as we aimed at the unrealistic comic book illustrations we used as an aesthetic guide.

To get that look, Cavill uses 2 supersets on Friday. The first superset is a “Ladder” routine for the upper body & core. The second superset focuses on all three parts of the shoulders. If pushups are too easy, use a weighted vest for a bigger challenge.

Cardio110 Min-Warm Up
Pull Ups10Ladder-Superset #1
Push Ups10Ladder-Superset #1
Plank Pull10Ladder-Superset #1
Dips10Ladder-Superset #1
Ab Crunches10Ladder2 MinSuperset #1
Barbell Push Press312-151 Min-
V-Sits320-251 Min-
Front Raises312-Superset #2
Lateral Raise312-Superset #2
Rear Delt Flys3151 MinSuperset #2

For the 10-to-1 Ladder Routine:

You do 10 of each exercise, then 9, then 8, then 7, etc. moving down to 6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of each exercise. Immediately after doing a complete circuit, do the entire ladder again (with one less rep) until you’re down to 1. Rest when needed, especially when getting used to the routine.The lower sets don’t sound hard, but you’ll be winded by the time you get there, so again, rest as needed!

Saturday Superman Workout: Power

For the Saturday Superman Workout Week 3, Cavill uses power & endurance training. This training combines weightlifting, aerobic and compound movements. This not only helps burn fat, but also prepares Cavill for his action scenes in Man of Steel.

Man of Steel Henry Cavill Chest Abs

FLR Hold3 Max30 secStatic Hold
Walking Lunge32030 sec10 (Each Leg)
Box Jump32030 secQuick Pace
Clean and Press351 Min70% of Max
DB Shoulder Press3251 Min*Use Legs
Man Maker31 Min1 Min1 Min (On/Off)
Bench Press31290 sec60% of Max
Pull Ups3MaxSuperset #1
Dips-20-Superset #1
Upright Rows-10-Superset #1
Front Raises-102 MinSuperset #1

During the Shoulder Press, start out by solely engaging your upper body and shoulders. Only when you get fatigued, should you engage your lower body, and use your legs to give you the strength you need.

FLR stands for Front Leaning Rest (proper form requires being at the top of Push up position, arms locked out, holding a solid plank of your core). For the FLR Hold and Pull Ups, ‘Max’ means, until failure, or 1 minute.

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