Stevie Johnson Workout: Chargers

Stevie Johnson

Stevie Johnson’s workout prepares him to be the premier pass catcher for the San Diego Chargers. His off-season workouts are focused on staying in shape and improving his hand-eye coordination. To prepare for the NFL as a Wide Receiver, Stevie Johnson uses several exercises.

Stevie Johnson NFL Wide ReceiverPlaying for the Buffalo Bills, San Francisco 49ers and San Diego Chargers, Johnson’s focus has always been on getting better. His top 3 exercises include:

  • Knee Tucks into Spiderman Lunges
  • Tennis Ball – Toss & Catch
  • Tennis Ball – Drop & Catch

Stevie Johnson Workout

During the season, Stevie Johnson works out with teammates Malcom Floyd, Dontrelle Inman, Danny Woodhead, Melvin Gordon, Antonio Gates, Tyrell Williams, Javontee Herndon and Donald Brown.

Stevie Johnson Workout NFLIn the off-season, the Stevie Johnson workout is done separate from the team. Johnson’s aim continues to be improving his conditioning and hand-eye coordination.

Walking Knee Tucks

The Walking Knee Tucks is a great warm up for any NFL player. Stevie Johnson uses them to get loose, and really stretch his joints. Then, he sits down into a hamstring stretch position called Spiderman Lunges. You walk along as you do this exercise. All in all, these 2 exercises are some of the best stretches a player can do.

Knee Tucks into Spiderman Lunges

Tennis Ball – Toss & Catch

The Tennis Ball – Toss & Catch improves Stevie Johnson’s hand-eye coordination and focus. This is performed with 2 tennis balls and a partner. This is great for all NFL skill positions. Start 5 yards apart, and yell which hand the player has to use to catch the ball. This can get confusing, which helps the player focus on catching with one hand.

Tennis Ball - Toss & Catch ExerciseStevie Johnson says:

This is something I do every pre and post practice. It gets me focused. It gets you focused on which hand to catch it with. It will get you mentally aware.

Tennis Ball – Drop & Catch

The Tennis Ball – Drop & Catch is what Stevie Johnson continues to use for hand-eye coordination and focus. This drill is harder than the previous one. Here, you have to catch 2 balls instead of one.

The Chargers Wide Receiver says:

This drill teaches you to think on the run. Everything we do out here, you’ve got to run the routes. You have to read the defense on the run. So, this drill is teaching you to read-and-react.

Tennis Ball - Drop & Catch Exercise

Stevie Johnson Stats

Here are Stevie Johnson’s stats while playing for the Buffalo Bills and Sand Francisco 49ers. They include 89 games, 336 receptions, 4,267 receiving yards and 31 touchdowns!

Stevie Johnson Stats Bills 49ers Chargers