Stephen Amell Workout: Bodyweight Moves For Arrow Shape


Stephen Amell Workout For Arrow

The Stephen Amell workout for Arrow is not what you would expect. Stephen Amell says he uses all type of bodyweight training to get in Arrow shape. He says you don’t need a gym at all to get in a workout. In fact, it’s more fun to workout outdoors, says the Oliver Queen actor. He has stated in interviews that he does bodyweight training, because that’s what his character would do in real life.


The Stephen Amell workout for Arrow uses all types of bodyweight training. Stephen Amell says his workouts vary constantly. Therefore, there’s no workout set in stone. Since, the Oliver Queen actor doesn’t workout in a gym, he is free to do whatever he wants. Amell says that varying workouts to push his body to the limits is what makes his workouts fun.

Amell also thinks bodyweight workouts are what Oliver Queen would do to get in shape. For Season 1, Stephen Amell only had a month to get in shape. For Season 2, he had 7 weeks to fill Oliver Queen’s shoes. The Stephen Amell workout for Arrow pays off, as you can see in all these training scenes from Season 1:

About his workout for Arrow, Stephen Amell says he likes bodyweight exercises because they have applications to real life:

The most impressive things I do on the show are when I can manipulate my own bodyweight. And that really is the true test of strength. I’m much more impressed if somebody can do 30 pullups, than can bench 300 pounds. Because one has an actual application in the real world, theoretically. The other is really just for show.


Stephen Amell Bodyweight Workouts

Stephen Amell uses bodyweight workouts to get in shape. Here are some Superhero Bodyweight Workouts that mimic the bodyweight workouts Stephen Amell uses to get in Arrow shape. The Stephen Amell bodyweight workouts adhere to the philosophy: Always be changing things up! So, if you want to train like like Stephen Amell, make sure that your always changing your bodyweight workouts up.


This Men’s Health video interview sheds a lot of light Stephen Amell’s bodyweight workouts to get in shape:

Here are some of the most popular Superhero bodyweight workouts. You can change them up so that you no longer have to stick to the same boring routine. It’s important to change them up from time to time to challenge different muscles. Plus, it’s much more motivating and satisfying to try something new each day. So, here are some of the Stephen Amell bodyweight workouts:

The Arrow Bodyweight Workout

Here is The Arrow Bodyweight Workout:



Stephen Amell Free Running Workout

Here is a video of a recent Facebook post from Stephen Amell doing his Free Running workout:

To get in Arrow shape, Stephen Amell likes to incorporate Parkour, or Free Running, into his workouts. This takes bodyweight workouts to a new level by adding cardio and stunts. It is exactly the kind of workout he thinks Oliver Queen would do. Since Stephen Amell does all of his own stunts, this is good practice. He has to train hard to be able to do everything required of him.


Stephen Amell got ready for these stunts, and in Arrow shape, by Free Running at the Tempest Academy. Here is a stunning look at the Academy in action:

Superman Bodyweight Workout

Here’s the Superman Bodyweight Workout:


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  1. Thanks for this Chris! You are the best, I saw Godzilla last week. Could you post the Aaron Taylor Johnson workout for Godzilla?

  2. Hey great workout yet again! I got another request if you can as well. Can you look up the Kellan Lutz workout for the Hercules movie he did? Movie sucked btw lol but I would love to see what he did to prepare for that role if you have time. Thanks!

  3. Thanks a ton! This is WAY different from The Rock workout I’ve been doing. Is the ab workouts enough, or could I integrate more? I’m curious as to how all of this will affect my body and my frame.

    • Yea, Stephen Amell’s workout is way different from the Rock’s. You can always add more abs to your routine. But, remember that abs are not made in the gym, but in the kitchen.

      The Rock’s workout will widen your frame. It gets me jacked, but often a bit bigger than I want to be–due to the diet you have to eat. Stephen Amell eats a lot less, does functional workouts, and enjoys Parkour.

      As a result, The Arrow has a much leaner frame. It’s smart training: less effort in the gym, less eating, but challenges you in a fun and refreshing, way.

  4. Is it possible to for you to send me a copy of the file for all the superhero workouts. I want to get them printed out and hang them up.

    • I suggest doing it every day (weekends optional). This way, you’re getting the most out of the workout. If it was heavy lifting, then you would need more rest. But, don’t do the same workout every day. Try some of the different superhero workouts to keep the change of pace going.

  5. im VERY curios as to what the name of the thing he is using at 0.30 secs in, i cant find a name for it anywhere if anyone knows that would be awesome :)

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