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Stability Ball Leg Curls

Stability Ball Leg Curls Exercise

Stability Ball Leg Curls are the signature of most Gunnar Peterson celebrity workouts. Stability Ball Leg Curls work the butt, hips, thighs, and core. This exercise is also know as Swiss Ball Hamstring Curls.

Not only do you give your hamstrings a good workout, but you work your core as well. This compound exercise, where you work two major body groups at once, is important when you are short on time, or simply want to be efficient.

Stability Ball Leg Curls Exercise

  • Main Muscle Group Used: Hamstrings, Glutes
  • Secondary Muscle Groups Used: Abs, Calves, Quads
  • Experience Level: Intermediate
  • Exercise Type: Isolation – Pull
  • Equipment Required: Stability Ball

To perform the Stability Ball Leg Curl exercise:

  1. Lie on the floor with your arms palm down on the ground.
  2. Rest your feet on the stability ball.
  3. Inhale, and bend your knees, so that your calves roll the ball toward you.
  4. Exhale, and roll the ball back out.
  5. Keep your back and hips straight throughout the exercise.

Popular Stability Ball Leg Curls Workouts

Plenty of athletes and celebs use Stability Ball Leg Curls as part of their leg workouts:

  1. The Kim Kardashian workout uses Stability Ball Leg Curls to work both her core and legs at the same time. This helps with a busy schedule.
  2. The Gwen Stefani workout uses the Stability Ball Leg Curls, as part of Gunnar Peterson’s workout.
  3. The Sofia Vergara workout, also designed by Gunnar Peterson, uses Stability Ball Leg Curls to keep her legs tightly toned.
  4. The Derek Jeter workout uses Stability Ball Crunches to build his core. Having a strong core, in addition to hamstrings, allows him to field grounders and throw the ball better.
  5. The Jay-Z workout, and the Beyonce workout, both use Stability Ball Leg Curls to work their hips and knee joints. By working these two joints together, they work all 17 muscles of their core. Borges wants you to do one leg at a time. Start by doing at least 8 per leg, and consistently work your way towards 20 reps.

Stability Ball Leg Curls Technique & Safety

The key to Stability Ball Leg Curls is making sure that you keep your back straight throughout the exercise. You will be tempted to cheat when bringing the ball toward you. This may hurt your back, and won’t give your core much of a workout. Contracting your core will help you make sure you’re not cheating.

power moves marco borges trainer

Like always, Jay-Z and Beyonce workout trainer, Marco Borges, wants you to concentrate on your abs throughout the exercise. Borges says that Stability Ball Leg Curls give your hamstrings the attention they deserve:

Contract your hamstrings (the back of the thighs) and roll the ball toward your butt with your foot. Roll the ball back out until both legs are straight again. Beginners can start with both feet on the ball and work toward doing single-leg sets as they get stronger.

Marco Borges, Jay-Z and Beyonce personal trainer, loves having his clients use the stability ball. Using a stability ball, you’re able to work your core, while also working your legs.

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Stability Ball Leg Curls Alternatives

For a harder alternative, you can perform the Stability Ball One-Leg Curls. This variation requires that you put one leg up, into the air, so that you’re only moving the ball with one leg at a time.

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