Stability Ball Climbers

stability ball climbers

Stability Ball Climbers

Stability Ball Climbers are the signature of many Gunnar Peterson celebrity workouts. They are part of the 13 exercises he has all of his clients do.

stability ball climbers

  • Main Muscle Group Used: Abs, Obliques
  • Secondary Muscle Groups Used: Calves, Quads
  • Experience Level: Intermediate
  • Exercise Type: Isolation – Push
  • Equipment Required: Stability Ball

To perform the exercise:


  1. Assume a plank position on top of a stability ball.
  2. Place your hands on the ball so they are shoulder width apart.
  3. Tighten your abdominal muscles and slowly raise one knee towards your chest.
  4. Hold the stability ball against your chest.
  5. Place your leg back down in starting position.
  6. Alternate legs.

Popular Stability Ball Climbers Workouts

Many celebrities use Stability Ball Climbers as part of their core workouts:

  1. The Kim Kardashian workout uses Stability Ball Climbers to work both her core during the Gunnar Peterson workout.
  2. The Sofia Vergara workout, also designed by Gunnar Peterson, uses climbers to keep her legs tightly toned.
  3. The Gwen Stefani workout also uses Stability Ball Climbers during her routine.
  4. The Jennifer Lopez workout also uses this exercise, which is very close to the Mountain Climbers exercise.

Here’s another video showing how to do medicine ball climbers instead of stability ball climbers:

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