Sparrows Dozen Workout

The Sparrows Dozen is a cardio workout used at Gym Jones. This is a gym famous for the bodies of superheros like Henry Cavill (Superman), Ben Affleck (Batman) and Gerard Butler (300 Workout). At Gym Jones the “Sparrows Dozen” consists of 12 total rounds of the exercises, below.

Sparrows Dozen Workout

Sparrow’s Dozen Workout Instructions

To do Sparrow’s Dozen Workout:

Sparrow’s Dozen:

Instructions at Gym Jones, are to do 12 sets of each exercise, above. This is known as the “Sparrows Dozen.” This fat-burning, cardio workout is a challenge. Work on your form, and remember that breathing properly will help carry you through the routine.

So, you may need to work your way up to this rep range. It all depends on your fitness level. Even the 300 actors needed to work their way up to this rep range. Here’s a look at Gerard Butler during the 300 workout:

Training Like a Spartan

gerard butler 300 spartan workout

Training like a Spartan was central to training for the cast of 300. The 300 crew used workouts like the Sparrow’s dozen to emphasize the training they used 2000 years ago. The director, Zack Snyder, talks about using primitive tools instead of machines:

To support fight preparation the training emphasized athleticism by combining compound movements, lifting, and throwing. We Used Primitive tools – medicine balls, Kettlebells, rings – instead of machines. Each session was competitive, with a penalty-reward system tied to performance.


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