Sofia Vergara Workout Diet: Curves in the Right Places

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Sofia Vergara Workout

The Sofia Vergara Workout and Diet is about keeping her curves in the right places. Raised in Columbia, Sofia is said to get her curves and butt from good genes. The truth is that she also has to workout and diet hard to get the results she craves. Sofia shares her heritage with with people ranging from Shakira to John Leguizamo. Sofia Vergara came to the US after she was randomly discovered by a photographer.

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Keeping your curves in all the right places is tough, if you’re eating all the time. Since her son claims she likes to eat everything in sight, her physique is a combination of good genes and working out. In order to stay in shape as Sofia gets older, she can’t always eat the way she wants. Having strong muscle tone helps her metabolism stay hungry. This is what allows her to splurge on treats, but still have the nice body she wants.

sofia vergara pictureSofia Vergara’s workouts were not always on a set routine. In her past, she was known as a workout butterfly. She would change from workout to workout. Sofia Vergara would often delight in whatever workout was planned for her, but then forget about it. Many people, celebrities included, often get tired of doing the same workout over and over.

Sofia Vergara Personal Trainer: Gunnar Peterson

gunnar peterson celebrity trainer workout with Sofia VergaraSofia Vergara enlisted celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson. Gunnar also works out with celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Bruce Willis. Regarding his workouts with Sofia Vergara, Gunnar says

She always has a couple of choice words for me, but the key is, she gets the work  done when she is in there..and the proof is in the Spandex. We make sure the curves stay in place and the straight areas are always are nice and tight.

Sofia Vergara’s workout uses Gunnar Peterson’s Circuit Training. The workouts are designed to consist of short, but very intense circuits of exercises repeated over and over. This keeps the heart pumping, and the calories burning for an extended period of time.

Sofia Vergara Circuit Training Workout

The Sofia Vergara workout routine uses circuit training to tone her legs and butt. The key to Sofia Vergara workout is to develop compound movement exercises. Compound movements involve activating more than one joint per exercise. Squats and lunges are great examples, where you are working the legs and hips at the same time.

So, here’s the Sofia Vergara Workout:

Sofia Vergara Monday Routine – Legs, Biceps, Back & Abs

For most of the following exercises, Sofia Vergara uses 5-10 pound weights. The Sofia Vergara Monday routine includes legs, biceps, back & abs. Here’s the Sofia Vergara workout plan:

Sofia Vergara Tuesday Routine – Chest, Shoulders, Arms & Abs

For most of the following exercises, Sofia Vergara uses 5-10 pound weights. The Sofia Vergara routine includes chest, shoulders, arms & abs. Here’s the Sofia Vergara Tuesday workout plan:


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