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Slim Hips Workout: Celebrity Trainer’s At Home Hips Workout

slim hips workout

Slim Hips Workout: Celebrity Trainer’s At Home Hips Workout

Slim Hips Workouts are one of the most sought after things that people are looking for in a workout. Use this Slim Hips Workout by celebrity trainer, Ashley Borden, to sculpt your lower body. Ashley Borden trains many Hollywood celebrities, including Mandy Moore. The Slim Hips workout delivers

  • strong core
  • slim hips
  • strong quads
  • toned hamstrings

slim hips workout

Activating your lower body gets the blood flowing throughout your legs. Over time, this Long and Lean Legs Workout will really shape your legs. This is especially popular as a workout for women, who often want Long and Lean Legs:

Slim Hips Workout Routine

  • Piriformis Roll
  • Quadriceps Foam Roll
  • Hamstrings Foam Roll
  • IT Band Foam Roll
  • Hamstrings Stretch
  • Stir the Pot Hip Stretch
  • Side Lying Clam
  • Glute Bridge

Slim Hips Workout Descriptions

Start by stretching, then do the harder movement exercises. Ashley Broden gets you to perform a lot of stretching. Only then, when your lower body is activated, does she begin the workout. Stretching prevents soreness after your workout.

Piriformis Roll

Use a softball to stabilize your glutes. Once stabilized, cross your lead leg over your ankle. Do 30 stretches, where you rotate your glutes around the ball. This will help prevent soreness throughout the workout.

Quadriceps Foam Roll

Top of knee, to the top of your hip. Roll 10 reps with your legs pointed out, 10 with your legs pointed in, then 10 reps pigeon-toed.

Hamstrings Foam Roll

Now you roll the bottom of your legs, activating your hamstrings. Pull back and forth, drawing power from your core. Keep your legs straight, and really dig into your hamstrings.

IT Band Foam Roll

This exercise opens up your hips, while reducing the saddlebags and cellulite that form in your legs. On your side, roll the foam roller across your hips. Start at the top of your hips, and go all the way to your knee. Find a comfortable “sticking point” where you feel comfortable as you roll. Over time, you want to use bigger foam rollers to increase the resistance of the exercise.

Hamstrings Stretch

Put the strap in the center of your foot, and extend it over your head. Laying down, kick your heel down to your butt, then kick back up. Make sure your quad is doing the work, keep it doing the work. Make sure that you are pushing your leg away from your body to work the hamstring.

Stir the Pot Hip Stretch

Grab the top of your knee and top of your ankle. Pull it towards your chest. Use your lats (back) to do the work, as you open up your hips and glutes. Perform a “stir the pot” rotation.

Side Lying Clam

The position here is very important, lie on your side with your waist elevated. Hinge your lead leg up, feeling it in your hips. Flex your feet, and hinge your hips up. Then, switch

Glute Bridge

Keep your mini resistance band on, and lay on your back. Palms down and by your side, bend your knees at a comfortable level. Tuck your core, and push it straight up off the ground. While pushing straight up to the top, keep the resistance bands tight on your legs.

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