Six Pack Abs Workout: Level II

six pack abs workout

Six Pack Abs Workout: Level II

Here’s Level II of the most popular six pack abs workouts around. Complete with automated personal trainers and a stop clock. If this workout is too difficult, start with Six Pack Abs Level I.

Getting a six pack is about more than just doing crunches. Alternate the exercises you do. Make sure you are eating a clean diet, low in fat and without many processed foods. Contract your abs each rep, and not your neck. Becoming a pencil-neck is not your goal. Focus each rep, on breathing and contracting your abs in then out. Perform this ab exercise workout 3 times a week.

six pack abs workout
This abs workout includes:

Foot to Foot Crunches

Oblique Exercises are the main focus of most side ab workouts. This is because of how you stretch your arms during the movement. Doing sets of oblique crunch exercises will continually tone the sides of your abdominals. This exercise is also known as Foot to Foot crunches or oblique crunches.

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Alternating Ab Curls

Alternating Ab Curls are highly regarded as the most effective abdominal exercise for beginners. With alternating ab curls, you get to rest one foot while using the other foot for the crunch. This is why they are the used so much in ab workouts, especially beginner workouts. Alternating Ab Curls build every area of your abdominals.

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Push Throughs

Upper ab exercises are one of the hardest areas to target. Push Throughs do the job by getting you to extend your hands. Therefore, Push Through Exercises are the main focus of most upper ab workouts. Doing Push Throughs builds the hard-to-work upper areas of your abdominals.

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Do these exercises 3 times per week, doing 3 sets or more each time. Make sure to breathe in and out each rep, and focus on tightening your core, not your neck, through each repetition. Make sure to focus on your form each lift as well. Exert yourself, but do so in a comfortable motion. Stop the exercise if you feel any pain, especially in your lower back.

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