Shakira Workout: Sexy Moves Straight From Her Trainer

The Shakira Workout includes sexy moves straight from her trainer. The goal of the Shakira Workout is to get toned arms and defined abs, while sculpting the rest of her body. Her trainer, Anna Kaiser, had to get her back in shape after her baby, Milan. The Shakira workout utilizes non-stop circuit training. This is where you move from one exercise to the next in quick succession.


Below are the moves Shakira did, which you can add to your routine. Also, you can do them as a standalone workout that works your whole body, while focusing on your core. Shakira says she has fun with them because they are dance like routines. In fact, Shakira does Zumba dance when she’s not doing the six moves in the routine listed below.


Shakira Workout: Sexy Abs

The Shakira workout is designed to deliver sexy abs. By focusing on her core while performing dance-like exercise moves. The Shakira workout is created by Anna Kaiser, who formerly worked as a trainer for Tracy Anderson’s studio in New York. Shakira looked amazing recently, starring on The Voice, while also promoting her new album, self-titled ‘Shakira.’

About the recent dance workouts and circuit training, personal trainer Anna Kaiser says says:

This workout is designed to help burn calories, torch fat, and chisel serious definition. The added benefit is that you keep your body healthier. They’re not only fun moves, but they work your entire body!

Shakira Workout Routine

The Shakira Workout Routine starts out with Round 1. This in an important warm up to get your body ready. Many people tend to skip warm ups, or go light. But, this is really the time to get your heart rate up. Then, Shakira progresses to Round 2 where you focus on abs, while working the rest of the body.

Shakira Workout Round 1

Round 1 of the Shakira Workout focuses on lower body movements and boosting your heart rate.
Here’s the Shakira Workout Round 1:

  1. Dynamic Knee Raise (30 seconds each leg)
  2. Heel Clicks (15 seconds)
  3. Lunge and Kick (30 seconds)
  4. Heel Clicks (15 seconds)
  5. Rest (20 seconds)

Repeat 2-3 more times before moving to Round 2.


A similar workout, performed by Shakira’s trainer, Anna Kaiser:

Shakira Workout Round 2

Now, it’s time for The Shakira Workout Round 2. The Shakira workout routine involves circuit training. This is where you complete the number of reps for each exercise. Then, move onto the next exercise without stopping to rest. After you’re done with one set of each exercise, repeat the circuit. Do three total sets of each exercise to complete the circuit.

Move from one exercise to the next without stopping. Do a total of 3 sets. No rest in between exercises, but it’s okay to rest once you’re done with one set of each exercise (circuit training, so you do one set of each then move onto the next movement).

Complete the number of reps for each exercise. Then, move onto the next exercise without stopping to rest. Do three total sets of each exercise. Shakira would do this workout once a day. She would also do a half hour of Zumba. Shape interviewed her trainer, who says:

We started with 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening. You get an added metabolism-booster in the second half of the day. After six weeks, she did an hour in the morning and another hour in the evening.

Part I: Lower Body Workout

Below is a detailed description of The Shakira Workout. Part I is a Lower Body Workout. It is focused on working Shakira’s butt and legs.

#1 Dynamic Knee Raise

To start out, use the directions Shakira’s trainer describes below. Holding for 3 seconds is an advanced movement that works your abs and butt even more. Also, you can add a towel or dumbbell if you wish:

Shakira’s trainer explains the Dynamic Knee Raise:

Stand on your left leg, knee slightly bent. Extend your right leg out to the side, toe touching the floor. Extend both arms overhead, reaching over to your left side. In a single motion, raise your right knee toward your chest as you lower both hands to your knee. Reverse the movement to return to starting position. Complete 10 reps on that side, then switch legs and repeat.


#2 Heel Clicks

Heel Clicks continue to work the lower body. For an advanced version, Shakira holds her body in the squat position. Her trainer tries to keep her in that position for 30 seconds. That helps work your butt. Shakira says about her body:

I’m quite proud of my rear…I work hard to get my body.

While her trainer says:

Stand with your feet 2 to 3 feet apart and sit with your hips back. Bend your knees in order to lower into a half squat. Raise your arms in front of your chest. In a single motion, press through your heels into the air, while swinging your arms down. Click your heels together in midair, before returning to the half squat position…These movements give her a more well-rounded butt and legs than she’d get only by running or on the elliptical.

#3 Lunge Kicks


Lunge Kicks are a great way to work your legs and glutes. They have the added benefit of working your abs, if you keep your core tight throughout the workout. To do Lunge Kicks:

Step your left foot to the side and sit your hips back to lower into a lateral lunge. Keeping your chest upright, press through your left heel to shift your weight back onto your right foot. Extending your left leg into the air in a high kick, move back into starting position. That’s a rep. Do 10 then switch and repeat 10 more reps with the other leg.

Here’s a video explanation of Front Lunge Kicks:

Part II, Shakira’s “Core Stability Workout” is on the next page.