Sexy Abs Workout Video: 15 Minutes to Bikini Abs

The Sexy Abs workout video takes you through a routine to get bikini abs. All you need to do is work your abs 15 minutes a day, combined with a diet that helps you lose weight. The workout is done by Bikini Model Coryn Salazar. She promises that if you follow this routine, you’ll have sexy, six-pack abs before you know it!

The Bikini model will do 45 secs-1 minute of each exercise. Then, she will rest for15-30 seconds. Instead of using a workout timer, she is going to go until it’s burning and she can’t do any more (failure).


Getting Sexy Bikini Abs

The key to getting sexy bikini abs is to squeeze your abs as you contract your core. Doing this allows your body to work your abs harder. If you’re a beginner, you don’t have to do as many reps. Focus on form, breathing properly, and squeezing your abs. Do this workout 4-5 times a week for great results. And remember, that the key to sexy abs is not only exercise, but also a clean diet.

Sexy Abs Workout Routine

The Sexy Abs workout routine includes the following exercises. The goal is to work your core to the max.

  • Crunches
  • Reverse Crunch
  • Scissor Kicks
  • Hip Thrust
  • Upper Body Ab Crunch
  • Full Reverse Crunch
  • Over-Under Leg Raises
  • One-Arm V-Ups
  • One-Arm V-Ups (other/side)
  • Swiss Ball Leg Raises (Upper Abs)
  • Swiss Ball Leg Raises (Lower Abs)

Do ab reps until failure, when you just can’t do any more of the movement. (Focus on form, instead of arching your back or neck to be able to do more reps). Drive through each exercise using your core as the powerhouse for the exercise. Over time, work your way up to 45 secs-1 minute, per exercise:

Sexy Abs Exercise Instructions

Here are the “Sexy Abs” exercise instructions. Note that the key to each abs exercise is to use your core. Don’t let your momentum, neck or back do the work. Doing so will possibly lead to an injury at worst, and having less toned abs at best. Do the work right if you want the best possible results.

Sexy Abs: Crunches

Basic crunches, or ab crunch, is the core of the abs exercises. Perform basic crunches by raising your upper body off the floor. Make sure your hands are only lightly touching your head. Use your abs, not your hands to do crunches.

Sexy Abs: Reverse Crunches

Exhale in while lifting your butt. Your head should stay up in one spot. Read more about Reverse Crunches here. Bikini Model Coryn Salazar also does Full Reverse Crunches. Here, you have your arms and legs out straight. Then, you bring them all in together. Again, it’s important to exhale as you come up.

Sexy Abs: Hip Thrusts

Hip Thrusts allow you to go all out on your lower abs. Squeeze your glutes and abs in, and then raise your legs to the sky. Drive your legs and hips by concentrating on driving your heels up as high as you can.

Sexy Abs: Over-Under Leg Raises

Over-Under Leg Raises are an advanced version of leg lifts. They are harder because you only get to work one leg at a time. It seems like that should be easier, but less muscles are involved when you only lift one leg.

Sexy Abs: One-Arm V-Ups

Getting sexy abs means that you have to hit the obliques as well. The One-Arm V-Ups exercise is the way to hit your obliques without having to move that much.

Sexy Abs Workout Description

Also, it may sound silly to tell you to “focus on breathing.” But during abs exercises, while your abs are constantly engaged, some have a tendency to hold their breath. Also, it’s important to take deep breaths while you work out, as that is what drives your body’s metabolic engine.

For abs, it’s important to breath out (exhale) as you come up. Then, breath in (inhale) as you go back to starting position, on the ground. This will give you more energy to get more reps in. Whether you’re doing this as an at-home workout, or out of your house, it’s a good idea to have a yoga mat:

Check out the yoga accessories on Amazon to find the gear you will need to get sexy abs.

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