Scissor Kicks Pilates Exercise

Scissor Kicks Pilates
Tip: Use a small Pilates ball to help stabilize your core

Scissor Kicks Pilates Exercise

The Scissor Kicks Pilates Exercise works your abs and legs. Tone your legs with this exercise, as part of a standard Pilates routine. You can put your hands directly beneath you for a tougher workout, or place them at your sides for support. It is important to keep you lower back down, on the ground. You want your abs, not your spine, to be doing the work.

  • Hamstrings
  • Quads
  • Glutes
  • Obliques
Scissor Kicks Pilates
Tip: Use a small Pilates ball to help stabilize your core

Like all Pilates, Scissor Kicks are grounded in the idea of using your legs to work your core. All the leg work you do, is associated with proper spine alignment and focus on your core holding your body in place. It is best to start by taking classes where an instructor can help you with your technique. In this exercise, the powerhouse should be your core, not your spine.

How to Perform the Scissor Kicks Pilates Exercise

To perform the Scissor Kicks Pilates Exercise:

  1. Start, by placing your hands underneath you.
  2. Ease your legs up 6 inches in the air.
  3. Do a scissor kick, while pointing your toes forward.
  4. Use controlled, small kicks for a better workout.
  5. If you are having trouble, make bigger kicks, which are actually easier.

Here’s a video talking about the variations of Scissor Kick Pilates:

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