Scarlett Johansson Workout: For The Avengers Movie

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Scarlett Johansson Sunday Workout Routine = Total Body Circuit

Circuit: 3-4 sets (25-30 reps)

Scarlett Johansson Workout Examples

Here are some examples of the exercises from the Scarlett Johansson workout:

T push-ups

  1. Get in a push-up position, hands shoulder width on the floor.
  2. Lower yourself close to the floor, and as you push up, lift your left arm straight up to the ceiling.
  3. Rotate your body while balancing on your right hand and edge of your right foot.
  4. Return to push-up position and repeat with the right side of your body.
  5. Alternate arms each time and repeat.

Speed Lunges

  1. Start in a standing position, with feet shoulder width apart.
  2. Make sure your arms should are at your sides.
  3. Squeeze your glutes and step back with your dominant foot into a lunge.
  4. Make sure you sink into the lunge slowly until you are used to the movement.
  5. Push back up to starting position, and do 10-15 repetitions each leg.
  6. Alternate legs each time and repeat.

T-Extensions (Flamingos)

  1. Start in a standing position, bend your left leg slightly.
  2. Raise your right foot behind you, until your knee is at a 90-degree bend.
  3. Slowly lean forward, bending at the hip, allowing your right leg to extend behind you.
  4. Gently extend your left arm in front of you to form a “T”.
  5. Hold for five seconds, and do 10-15 repetitions each leg.
  6. Alternate legs each time and repeat.

Jump Squats

  1. Start in a standing position, feet shoulder width apart.
  2. Swing your arms out in front of you for balance, and lower into a squat.
  3. Make sure your back is kept straight during the movement.
  4. Explode up and jump as high as you can, and then land firmly
  5. Extend back down into the squat.
  6. Quickly repeat 10-15 times each leg without rest.

scarlett johansson as the black widow

Scarlett Johansson Workout Secrets

One of Bobby Strom’s favorite workout secrets was to engage Scarlett Johansson in a lower body core workout. The goal here was to get her heart rate up, work every muscle in the lower body, while keeping her moving throughout the workout. Success comes when you can keep your heart rate at a fat burning level, during the entire circuit training. This requires moving from exercise to exercise, instead of taking time off between sets.

Focusing on a total body circuit, core work, constant movement is the key to success. These workout secrets allowed Scarlett Johansson to transform her body quickly. Burning fat while performing muscle training is the biggest secret behind the Scarlett Johansson workouts.

Strom says that if you are just starting, you want to cut down the repetitions. Over time, you want to increase the reps so that your body doesn’t get used to the same amount of activity. Bobby Strom also focused on the three pillars of the Scarlett Johansson workout: Circuit training, Body weight exercises, and Explosive core movements.

Circuit Training

The goal of circuit training is to get a lot done in a short amount of time. Circuit training promotes fat loss by keeping the body constantly moving.  You are trying to work multiple body parts, with minimal rest in between. The secret here is to keep moving, so that your heart rate stays at a fat burning level.

Body weight strength training

Body weight exercises are great because they encourage a full range of muscular motion. It is hard to over-exert yourself, compared to free weights, and you get the added benefit of not needing equipment. Squats, planks, lunges, and pull-ups were the main things Scarlett Johansson did to utilize her body weight.

Explosive movements

Explosive movements are good examples of workouts that get the heart rate up, which burns fat and continues to work the core. Kettlebell Swings, martial arts, and speed boxing were things that the Scarlett Johansson workout used to get her heart rate up and metabolism going.

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  1. I simply want to mention I’m very new to working out, and this Scarlett Johannsson workout really inspires me.

  2. Thanks, I’ve recently been looking for information about this topic for a long time. Your information on the Scarlett Johansson workout is the greatest I’ve found out so far.

  3. I’m really excited about doing this workout! I could only do the warmup for day 1 yesterday, but I’m going to keep going with it and do as much as I can every day. Do you have any substitutions for pullups/assisted pullups? My gym doesn’t have anything for assisted pullups and I don’t have the strength to do any sort of pull up.

    Thank you so much!

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