Russell Wilson Workout: NFL Quarterback

The Russell Wilson workout for an NFL quarterback was recently featured in Men’s Health. The trainer that designed his NFL Quarterback workout, Todd Durkin C.S.C.S., also trains elite NFL quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees. The Russell Wilson workout helped him gain 8 pounds in the spring before he won his first Superbowl (208 pounds up to 216 pounds).

Russell Wilson Workout

Russell Wilson has to rely on his arm strength, because he’s smaller than the average NFL quarterback. The Russell Wilson workout featured in Men’s Health is the arms workout Wilson uses in the off-season. By strengthening his arms and core, Russell Wilson is able to quickly launch the football better than quarterbacks much bigger than him.

Russell Wilson Big Arms Workout

The Russell Wilson Big Arms Workout was featured in a 2014 issue of Men’s Health Magazine. The workout focuses on getting big arms and abs. It includes:

  1. Swiss Ball Walkout
  2. Flex T Lunge Rotation
  3. Plank Walkup
  4. Band Walk / Row / Splitter
  5. Core Rotation
  6. Medicine Ball Pushup
  7. TRX Rotational Row
  8. TRX Curl
  9. Overhead Band Extension

Here’s the Graphic:


Russell Wilson NFL Workout Routine

The Russell Wilson NFL workout routine comes from his trainer, Todd Durkin, and Men’s Health. This workout is what Russell Wilson uses in the off-season (starting in 2012). Russell Wilson lifts 4 days per week, split between speed and strength days. He sometimes takes days off in-between workout sessions.

Russell Wilson NFL Workout Routine

Russell Wilson Monday Routine


Medicine Ball Snatch & Throw
35Throw Ball Overhead
Medicine Ball Jerk35Hold ball at chest level
Power Clean 35Can use Hex or Trap Bar
Single-Leg Squat355 each side, other leg in front
Suspended Row48Torso @ 45 degrees to floor
Cable Curl28Add cable to low pulley machine

The speed days are drills focused on improving Wilson’s agility and sprinting abilities. This helps him avoid rushers in the pocket and make it down the field quickly. Speed workouts include olympic lifting and lower body power.

Russell Wilson Tuesday Routine

Front Squats35Squat as low as you can, but proper form: Keep arch in your back

Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift
35Works Your Hamstrings

Bench Press
38Use Machine to help align your shoulders
Dumbbell I-Y-T2830-45 degree incline; do reps in both directions
Band Pullaparts325Draw arms to form a T shape
Overhead Triceps Extension38Use a rope pulley machine
Swiss Ball Stability Hold33030 sec hold; focus on abs

Strength days are focused on improving Russell Wilson’s arm and core strength. Durkin incorporates TRX Machines, because of how well they work the arms and core at the same time. The strength days use heavier lifts to increase the quarterback’s arm strength, while preventing injury during the NFL season.

Russell Wilson Workout Arms

Russell Wilson Thursday Routine

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
Dumbbell Hang Snatch33Each side; be explosive but keep weights under control
Power Clean 35Use Hex or "Trap Bar" if you can
Step Ups35 each sideStand so thigh is parallel to floor
Towel pull-up28Or Use a towel on a Pulldown machine
Cable Lawnmower Row38Each side, stand facing the cable with legs staggered
Scap Pushup38Your Chest should lower 1 inch, then spread your shoulders
Cable Curl230 sec.Or Stand on an exercise band, and curl it up at your sides

Famous for the “Do or Do not, There is No Try” slogan posted in his gym, Todd Durkin instilled Russell Wilson with a new work ethic. Going into his rookie season, Wilson knew he wasn’t the biggest or tallest quarterback on the field. But, that wouldn’t stop him from trying his hardest.

Russell Wilson Friday Routine

Barbell Squats45Feet Shoulder-width apart; toes pointed slight outward
Staggered Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift 35Reps each side; one leg slightly in front of the other working your hamstrings.
Incline Alternating Dumbbell Press38Reps each side; 30-45 degree incline angle on bench
Incline Pushups215/12/10Do 15 @ 30 degree incline; 12 @15 degree incline; 10 regular pushups

Russell Wilson Workout Routine

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