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Rob Gronkowski Injury / Update

Rob Gronkowski injured his knee in December 2013. He suffered a torn ACL in his right knee. Gronkowski was carted off the field during a 27-26 win over the Cleveland Browns. In the past, Gronkowski has also had back and forearm injuries.


A recent update to the Rob Gronkowski injury is that he is finally healthy. But, TJ Ward, the person who hit him, has never apologized for the play. TJ Ward says he had to hit Rob Gronkowski low. Instead, he blamed the leagues rules for hitting a player high.

TJ Ward claims that Gronkowski is a big guy. He was taught to “take the wheels out” from under big guys. Ward either had to hit him high (which would draw a penalty), or hit him real low. All Gronkowski can do to avoid injury in the future is work harder in the weight room and cross-train to gain agility. Luck helps too. Through week 8 of the 2014 NFL season, Rob Gronkowski already has 7 touchdown catches.


The reps in the Rob Gronkowski workout may seem high for an NFL player. But, Rob Gronkowski is focused on avoiding injury. There’s no point to spending another off-season injured. Also, higher reps are just something to aim for. Having higher rep goals allows him to work harder at attaining more strength.

Rob Gronkowski’s Health

Rob Gronkowski’s health is a continuing concern. His large body makes him a target not only for Tom Brady, but also defenders. Many players keep bouncing off him, but all those hits take a toll. To counter this, and protect his health, Rob Gronkowski continues to workout and cross-train with other sports.


The research journal Sports Medicine shows that one of the best ways to prevent injury is to cross-train. This allows you to activate muscles in ways that you’re not used to using. The study also showed how playing other sports motivates you to exercise more often, especially important in the off-season.

Cross-training also promotes health by strengthening joints throughout the body. One may not rely on these joints much, until a defender knocks into them. Gronkowski cross-trains to prevent injury. He told Train Magazine that he prefers to play basketball, volleyball, and even hockey!

Talking about playing other sports to improve his health and agility, Rob Gronkowski says:

Playing other sports besides football is very important to build other skill-sets that translate to a better game on the football field.

Rob Gronkowski Diet

The Rob Gronkowski diet revolves around clean food that will replenish his body. He eats a lot to promote growth, while eating the right food to stay lean. The best sources of carbs for his diet, he says, are brown rice and sweet potatoes.

Train Magazine

Rob talks about his diet, saying:

Every morning I have a Six Star Whey Protein Plus shake with peanut butter, fruit, milk and oatmeal. It’s delicious and it gets my day rolling with the right stuff for my body.

Going on into the afternoon, Rob Gronkowski talks more about getting the right protein:

I also take protein when I’m working out – making a nice little shake with chocolate powder and milk. It assists my performance by helping me build muscle right away.

Gronkowski maintains his body by having an “appetite for recovery”. What foods are good for recovery after a tough workout? Gronkowski says:

Foods that are important to recovery include salmon, grilled chicken, avocados, vegetables, fruits and healthy carbs like brown rice and sweet potatoes.

Post-Game Fuel

For Rob Gronkowski, post-game fuel is very important to him. He stresses that you need to get protein in your body right after strenuous activity. Timing is everything when it comes to your diet. It’s best to get something in you within 30 minutes of working out.

Rob Gronkowski’s post-game fuel consists of a whey protein shake, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and chocolate milk. This may not sound like the healthiest of dietary options, but the key is to get enough protein into your body. Gronk talks about his reward foods and post-game ritual:

For me, the reward foods after a game are ice cream or some other dessert. You burn so many calories in the game that your body needs the extra calories.


Sample NFL Football Player’s Diet

Sine Gronkowski’s diet changes frequently, Train Magazine consulted with the TEST Parisi Football Academy. The TEST Academy is famous for prepping a lot of players for the NFL draft.  According to them, they suggest the following as a sample NFL Football player’s diet:

  • Breakfast: oatmeal, egg whites, fruit and 2 scoops of protein powder.
  • Snack: 2 scoops of protein powder with 1-2 tbsp of natural peanut butter.
  • Lunch: Chicken, green veggies, brown rice and/or sweet potatoes.
  • Post-Workout: 3-4 scoops of protein powder (read label for serving size).
  • Dinner: Turkey burger, green veggies, quinoa.
  • Snack: 2 scoops of Casein protein powder with 1-2 tbsp of natural (no sugar) peanut butter.
Train Magazine

Rob Gronkowski Stats

Train Magazine

Rob Gronkowski’s stats (from the NFL Combine):

  • Age: 25 in 2014 (Born May 14, 1989)
  • Height: 6’6″ (1.98 m)
  • Weight: 258 lbs. (117 kg)
  • Arm Length: 34.25″
  • 10 yard split: 1.58 sec
  • 40 yard dash: 4.68 sec
  • Vertical jump: 33.5″
  • 220 lb. Bench Press: 23 reps

Rob Gronkowski, the #87 Tight End from Woodland Hills, now plays for the New England Patriots. To date, his football stats include 266 receptions, 3813 yards, 14.3 yards per catch, a long of 52 and 49 career touchdowns. With Tom Brady at the helm, these numbers are likely to improve soon!


Rob Gronkowski Girlfriend

Rob Gronkowski doesn’t have a steady girlfriend. But, he has been linked to Bibi Jones in 2011.


In 2012, Meredith Pineapples thought they were a couple:


So, Rob Gronkowski has been playing the field in the girlfriend department. It looks like he’s good at making a catch, here, too. But he doesn’t hang on to any of them, yet. After being reprimanded by the Patriots organization (for excessive partying after being on the cover of ESPN’s Body Issue), he has toned down his behavior (at least publicly).

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