Rob Gronkowski Workout

The Rob Gronkowski workout allows him to be the superior athlete Tom Brady can relies on. Rob Gronkowski works out 5 days a week during the off-season. Plus, he uses Saturday and Sunday as “active rest” days where he plays other sports. His workout is not only about training hard, but eating and supplementing right.


Rob Gronkowski recently shared his workout plan with’s Train Magazine. In the magazine, “Gronk” talks about his workout routine, diet and supplementation. The key to the Rob Gronkowski workout is that he always starts by lifting heavy, and ends with HIIT cardio to stay in shape.

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Rob Gronkowski Workout Routine

The Rob Gronkowski workout routine is the plan he uses in the off-season. His goal is to build strength for the upcoming season. He shared the workout with Train Magazine. Here’s the Rob Gronkowski Workout Routine:

Monday Routine: Chest & Arms

Bench Press410
Machine Pec Fly312
Skull Crushers320
Explosive Close-Grip Bench Press310
Sprint (w/50 sec rest)10100
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On Monday, Gronkowski starts with heavy lifting using mostly barbells. Barbells help you focus on total strength. Heavy lifting puts a lot of pressure on your body, but Gronkowski is used to being under pressure. Rob Gronkowski says:

There is definitely big pressure going into big games, but you just need to work hard all week. Be on top of your play, make sure you are in shape and be prepared.

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Tuesday Routine: Legs & Calves

Step Ups310
Barbell Squats38
Calf Raise312
4 Agility Drills3of each

On Tuesday, Rob Gronkowski gets to pick 4 agility drills of his choice. These drills mimic the activities of his sport. If you’re following along, do the same. Talking about pressure and preparation, Gronkowski says:

When you feel ready, there’s not so much pressure on game day, so you can come out strong and do what you need to do to succeed.

Wednesday Routine: Abs

Plank31 min
Toe Touch150
Bicycle Crunches225
Side Plank130 secs (per side)
Med Ball Toss130

Wednesday is an abs day where Gronkowski finishes with 1 set of 30 Medicine Ball Rotational Tosses. (30 tosses each side). This exercise really strengthens the hips and core, which in turn, improves Rob’s agility.

Thursday Routine: Chest & Arms

Exercise SetsReps
Dumbbell Bench Press38
Dumbbell Incline Bench Press38
Dumbbell Bicep Curls310-15
Dumbbell Shrugs38-12
Shuttle Run (45 secs rest)105--><--10--->15 yards

On Thursday, Rob Gronkowski switches to dumbbells for most of the exercises. This is to make sure that one arm is not stronger than the other. Dumbbells are a good tool for reinforcing core strength throughout each exercise. Switching things up helps Gronk work different muscles in his body.

Train Magazine

Friday Routine: Legs & Calves

ExerciseSets Reps
Barbell Squats312
Side Lunges312
Standing Calf Raise312
Hamstring Curl310
Jogging Stadium Stairs5To the Top

Friday is a short legs workout. This is followed by every football player’s favorite: stadiums. Saturday/Sunday are off-days for Gronkowski. But, that doesn’t mean he’s not working out. He’s just not in the gym.

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Weekend Cross-Training

Gronkowski’s weekend routine involves cross-training. This is where an athlete uses sports, other than his own, to gain strength and agility/muscle coordination. He can often be found playing basketball, volleyball, riding his bike, or even swimming. Rob Gronkowski talks about how his weekend cross-training helps him:

In the off-season, I change it up and play other sports. I love to play basketball because it helps with my speed and endurance, since I’m constantly moving up and down the court, and jumping is ideal for vertical height.


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