Rihanna Workout & Diet: Two Trainers Are Better Than One

rihanna workout face pic

Rihanna Workout: Two Trainers Are Better Than One

The Rihanna workout illustrates that two trainers are better than one. First, Rihanna enlisted 5-Factor celebrity trainer, Harley Pasternack. Pasternack also trains Halle Berry, Katy Perry, Megan Fox, Eva Mendez, and Lady Gaga. Pasternack is co-host of the TV show, The Revolution.With a schedule like that, he can’t always travel and train with Rihanna. Harley has designed the workout Rihanna uses 3-5 times per week.
rihanna workout face pic
Pop Singer Rihanna

Being Rihanna (her real name is Robyn Fenty) means you get two trainers, instead of one. Rihanna also tapped celebrity trainer Ary Nunez to help her. Nunez is always there for her, and they have been together for over 5 years. Nunez says:

Whether we’re on the road or in NY, my main concern is to keep workouts interesting. I use a mixture of dance, martial arts, Pilates/calisthenics, and core.

Ary Nunez is famous for working the core muscles, while Pasternack is more of a full body trainer. Thus, Rihanna has one trainer focused on sculpting her upper and lower body, while Ary Nunez focuses on cardio and core. Regarding the Rihanna workout her trainer, Ary Nunez, says:

We focus on the core muscles, and we do a ton of repetitions. I want clients to be able to lift their own body weight. That takes discipline. And shouldn’t we all be able to carry our own weight physically and metaphorically?

ary nunez trainer for Rihanna
Rihanna’s Core and Cardio Trainer, Ary Nunez

Ary Nunez helped design a workout for Rihanna, based on Capoeira, that includes Latin dancing and martial arts.

rihanna body
Rihanna at the Beach

Rihanna’s other trainer, Harley Pasternack, is famous for giving workout and diet advice to many stars. His workouts famous short and sweet, but they deliver results fast. Pasternack is effective because he keeps Rihanna moving throughout the workout. Also, he constantly shifts the targeted body area between cardio, lower body, upper body, and core. He’s written a few books on how train like the stars:

5 factor fitness trainer Harley Pasternack
Rihanna Workout Trainer, Harley Pasternack

The Pasternack version of the Rihanna workout is usually performed 3 times a week. If Rihanna isn’t traveling, then she bumps it up to 5. She simply does a few minutes of cardio, followed by targeted body exercises. Quickly varying what body part she works helps keep her heart rate up. Both trainers agree that minimizing rest between sets, and keeping her heart rate at 80% max is the key.

Rihanna 5-Factor Workout

Rihanna’s 5-Factor workout, created by Harley Pasternack, is done at least 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). She spends the other 2 days (Tuesday, Thursday) working her core and dancing with Ary Nunez. When doing a Pasternack workout the scheme is always the same. If she has more than a half hour to workout, then she repeats Lower body, Upper body, and core sets, turning them into a circuit routine.

  1. Cardio Warm Up, 5 mins.
  2. Lower Body Set– (3 sets with no rest between sets). 5 mins.
  3. Upper Body Set-(3 sets with no rest between sets). 5 mins.
  4. Core Set-(3 sets with no rest between sets.) 5 mins.
  5. Repeat Lower Body, Upper Body, Core 3 times. (if she has time)
  6. Cool Down, 5 mins.

Rihanna Workout Monday Routine

  1. Choose from: Running/ Jogging in place /Side Shuffles / Grapevines / Backwards running / Treadmill / Elliptical / Stair Jumps / Hill Climbing (5 min)
  2. Dumbbell Chest Fly (25 reps)
  3. Seated Shoulder Press (25 reps)
  4. Bicep curls into Overhead press (25 reps)
  5. Dumbbell Tap Squats (25 reps)
  6. Jump squats (25 reps)
  7. Upper Body Crunches (15 reps)
  8. Mountain climbers (25 reps)
  9. Choose from: Running/ Jogging in place /Side Shuffles / Grapevines / Backwards running / Treadmill / Elliptical / Stair Jumps / Hill Climbing (5 min-30 min)
rihanna workout body
Rihanna’s Body

Rihanna Workout Tuesday Routine

For Roman Rotators,

  1. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent
  2. Lift bent elbows in front of you at shoulder height, palms facing each other.
  3. Rotate torso and arms together diagonally up toward left.
  4. Repeat 8-12  times.

Here is singer Rihanna’s trainer, Ary Nunez, performing the Capoeira dance routine she often does with Rihanna:

Rihanna Workout Wednesday Routine

Rihanna legs
Rihanna Performing On Stage