Pushups For Beginners: Chest Workouts

pushups for beginners

Pushups For Beginners: Chest Workouts

Pushups for beginners start with proper form. Once you have proper form, Chest Workouts require proper form.

pushups for beginners

In this video, Scooby talks about Pushups for Beginners:

When doing Pushups, remember:

  • To align your spine and torso
  • Find a grip that is comfortable
  • Joint Pain is bad!
  • Drop your Knees for support

If you can do more than 20, then advance to the Pull Pushup. This is the standard pushup that most people perform when doing chest workouts.

Once you can do a few pushups, graduate to the next Pushups for Beginners video below:

Start with:
Phase 1 – Counter Pushups (to failure) when you can do 20, go to phase 2.
Phase 2 – Knee Pushups (5 sets of 20) 3 times a week
Phase 3 – Drop Pushups (5 sets of 20) 3 times a week
Phase 4 – Backpack/ Drop Pushups (Monday-high weight) (Thursday-high reps)

Counter Pushups

With Counter Pushups, you use a kitchen counter to support your upper body weight. This helps develop strength and lean muscle, while preparing you for phase 2.

Knee Pushups

Knee Pushups allow you to continue to develop strength, while only asking that you lift your upper body weight.

Drop Pushups

Drop Pushups are where the fun starts. Try to do as many standard pushups as you can. When you reach failure, drop to your knees and complete the sets doing Phase 2 style pushups.

Backpack/Drop Pushups

Backpack pushups increase the weight you have to lift. Here, you put heavy objects into a backpack, and strap it on your back. Do as many as you can. Then on Thursdays, do more drop pushups. Only, here, you want to aim for 100 total pushups.

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