Plate Push Ups

Plate Push Ups

Plate Push ups utilize 2 stacks of 45 pound weights, in order to make standard push ups even harder. A common variation is to use power plate push up grips, which allow you to stabilize your hands firmly into the ground, and use the grips for leverage while doing push ups.

plate push ups

  • Targeted muscles:    Chest, shoulders, arms, abs
  • Other Muscles:    Shoulders, Triceps
  • Equipment:    Other
  • Mechanics Type:    Compound
  • Level:    Beginner
  • Type:    Plyometrics

plate push up barsPlate push ups work to improve your mobility, quick muscle fiber action, and elasticity.  They are a good warm-up, or cool-down for an upper body workout.

You can also switch the plate push ups exercise around, and turn it into a cardio/cross training exercise. To do this simply use one 45 pound weight, and bear crawl with it across a smooth surface.