Pita Pocket Snack Recipe

pita pocket snack

Pita Pocket Snack Recipe

This recipe is used as part of Harley Pasternack’s 5 factor diet. It fuels you with needed protein and carbohydrates throughout the day. Add some honey mustard instead of mayonnaise. This will help you reduce fat and burn calories. Mustard is known to increase your metabolism.pita pocket snack

Pita Pocket Snack Ingredients

  • 1 4-inch mini whole-wheat pita
  • 2 oz. deli-style sliced turkey
  •  ½ oz. reduced-fat Swiss cheese
  •  1 medium tomato (sliced)
  •  ½ cup alfalfa sprouts
  • 1 tbsp. honey mustard

Pita Pocket Snack Directions

  1. Slice an opening in the pita.
  2. Fill pita with turkey and cheese.
  3.  Toast if desired.
  4. Add tomato and sprouts.