Pilates Small Leg Circles Exercise: Get Toned, Skinny Legs

Pilates Small Leg Circles

Pilates Small Leg Circles Exercise

Pilates Small Leg Circles are a great way to help you get toned, skinny legs. To do the Pilates Small Leg Circles Exercise, imagine your legs as paint brushes. Slowly, you will want to trace the outer edges of a small globe in front of you. To perform Pilates Small Leg Circles, you should have a mat and an (optional) resistance band. Doing small circles works your inner core, especially the abs that form your six pack. Small Leg Circles also work the:

  • Hamstrings
  • Quads
  • Abs
  • Glutes
  • Obliques
  • Calves
Pilates Small Leg Circles
Tip: To work your core, use a medicine ball under your inactive leg.

Pilates Small Leg Circle Exercise

To perform the Pilates Small Leg Circles Exercise:

  1. Lay down with your back supine on a mat.
  2. Start with both legs together, then raise one into the air.
  3. Flex your top foot, and slowly trace 10 small circles in the air above you.
  4. Focus on small, narrow movements that keep your inner core aligned and flexed.
  5. Reverse the direction, doing 10 circles counterclockwise.

Popular Workouts

  • The Miley Cyrus workout uses the Small Leg Circles Pilates exercise, as part of the Mari Winsor Pilates Routine.

To increase her toning and make sure she works her calves, Miley uses resistance bands as she performs the leg circles.

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