Patrick Willis Workout: 49ers Strongman Shares His Secrets

Wednesday Workout Routine = Upper Body

Thursday Workout Routine = Lower Body & Core

Do 3 sets of 10-12, unless otherwise stated:

Friday Workout Routine = Upper Body

Patrick Willis Working Out

Workout Motivation

Because his mother left the family, and his father was always at work, Patrick Willis ran things around the house. When his father could no longer care for Patrick Willis and his siblings, Patrick’s high school coach took him in.

From all this, Patrick Willis has a resilient, good nature. But, once he’s on the football field, he’s a different person. In college, Patrick Willis wanted to play for the Tennessee Volunteers. But, they were not interested in recruiting him.

Patrick Willis Workout Abs

So, he went to Ole Miss. There, he dominated, motivated to be the best player on the field. In the weight room, and on the field, Patrick Willis has a no regrets attitude. When facing adversity, Patrick said the best advice he got was:

Never let someone else’s opinion become your reality

Instead, Patrick Willis creates his own reality. It starts in the weight room, and finishes on the field.

Here’s a video showing Patrick Willis perform parts of his workout:

Here is a video Montage showcasing the results of the Patrick Willis workout. Look to see how he translates the moves he does in the weight room, into on-the-field plays:

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  1. Thanks for the article. I’m excited to start this. Is there any conditioning or agility training that goes along with this?

    • I’m sure Patrick Willis and the 49ers are doing conditioning and agility drills all the time. But, they don’t disclose a list of everything they do. There may be some videos online.

      The NFL has done studies on what constitutes the best fat-burning/conditioning workout. They have found that HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is the best way to go. HIIT training burns the most fat and gets you in shape the fastest. So, try doing some HIIT workouts. This includes running as fast as you can on a treadmill for a minute, followed by a minute of slow pace, followed by another minute of all out running, etc.

  2. On the first page it says that one of the keys to Patrick Willis’s workout is to focus on dumbbell bench press, yet it is not listed in any of his workout routines.

    • Yes, he uses dumbbells to make sure he has the same arm strength in both arms. I initially just linked to the barbell press page, but that is inaccurate. Patrick Willis uses dumbbells. I have updated the page.

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