Patrick Chung Workout: Patriots Safety

Patrick Chung Workout Patriots

Patrick Chung’s workout was shared with NFL media. He spoke about the top 3 drills he uses to be a shutdown safety for the New England Patriots. Chung says primary goal is to be able to cover opposing receivers, thereby making sure the quarterback has no place to throw.

Patrick Chung Workout PatriotsAs a DB, Patrick Chung needs to have exceptional footwork and reactive ability. The Patriots safety develops the skills and speed he needs by these drills. The Patrick Chung workout uses:

  1. Box Weave Drill (Explosiveness)
  2. Modified W Drill (Movement Speed)
  3. Reactive Cone Recall Drill (Reaction Time)

Here’s the Patrick Chung Workout Video:

Box Weave Drill

For the Box Weave drill, you react quickly to commands barked out at you. This drill develops directional reaction speed and explosiveness. Brett Bartholomew, one of Chung’s off-season trainers, says the Box Weave drill “works on multi-directional mechanics, deceleration, and overall reactive ability.

Using a set of cones to create a 10×10 box, you follow the movements from the commands given. During the drill, Patrick Chung’s trainer yells: “shuffle-shuffle-backpedal-sprint-shuffle-shuffle-sprint through.”

Patrick-Chung-Workout-Box-Weave-DrillTime: 10 seconds of work followed by 1 min of rest (rest depends on level of fitness)

This exercise works on Patrick Chung’s ability to change movement, accelerate and decelerate when needed. It requires proper footwork and quick movement from the hips and shoulders. Patrick Chung explains why he uses the Box Weave drill by saying:

As a defensive back, you have to very agile, quick, able to react. So this drill right here correlates to the combine, game time, football specifics. It correlates to being an athlete, to being a dog out there!

Modified W Drill

The Modified W drill helps defensive backs make quick, explosive moves and continues to develop their reaction speed. For this drill, start at a cone and backpedal at a 45 degree angle. Cut, and sprint to the cones in order.

Modified W Drill Patrick Chung WorkoutPatrick Chung says:

This is a good drill because every play we’re backpedaling. We’re backpedaling, reacting, bursting, planting the foot, finding the receiver, reacting to the ball. Every single cut of this drill is something we do every play.

Reactive Cone Recall Drill

The Reactive Cone Recall drill helps Patrick Chung develop reaction time and speed. As the ball is in the air, Patrick Chung has to know where is help is. Further, he has to know where the receiver is coming from and where the ball is being thrown.

Patrick Chung Workout Reactive Cone Recall Drill TechniquesReps: 1-4 reps of this drill. Do 2-3 sets (depending on how many exercises you’re doing and fitness level).

For this drill, spread four cones spread out in random order. Give the defensive back 2 seconds to remember the order. Then, they have to sprint toward the correct cone as it is being called. This helps NFL safeties with reaction speed and memorizing how to react to where the ball is going to be.

Patrick Chung NFL Patriots Safety 2015Patrick Chung says:

Looking back you have to know whee your help is. Know where you are on the field. Sometimes, you want to check and see how many yards you can go. So, you know what plays are coming and where you have to be in that series.

Patrick Chung Off-Season Workout

Patrick Chung works out with Brett Bartholomew during the off-season. During the season, he works with coaches and trainers on the New England Patriots staff. His primary coach is safeties coach Brian Flores. In the off-season, Patrick Chung works out at EXOS in Arizona.

His main trainer there is Brett Bartholomew. EXOS is used by many NFL players, especially because of the new collective bargaining agreement. It only gives them only 5 weeks to work with their team coaches. So, places like EXOS are popular among players who want to stay in shape.


Patrick Chung’s workout is also used by his New England teammates. They include defensive backs Devin McCourty, Malcom Butler, Logan Ryan, Duron Harmon, Tavon Wilson, Nate Ebner, Jordan Richards, Justin Coleman and Rashann Melvin.

Patrick Chung Height & Weight

At the NFL Combine, Patrick Chung’s height was recorded at 5’11” and his weight of 212 lbs. His 40-yard dash is 4.49s.

Patrick Chung height weight NFL Combine StatsPatrick Chung Stats

Patrick Chung’s stats include 7 interceptions, 202 tackles and 3 sacks through the 2013 NFL season:

Patrick Chung Stats NFL PatriotsIf you’re wondering, Chung gets his name from his father, who is of both Chinese and African-Jamaican decent. His mother is African-Jamaican. Chung was born in Jamestown, Jamaica, and grew up in Rancho Cucomonga, California.