Shaun T’s New Insanity Workout

New Insanity Workout
Shaun T’s New Insanity Workout utilizes 150 new exercises packed into 12 workout DVDs. Shaun T shared one of the workouts from his new Insanity workout with Men’s Health in their January/February 2015 issue. Those familiar with Insanity will recognize some aspects of the routine, but the completely new 150 exercises will take your exercise routine to a new level.


The New Insanity Workout that Shaun T shared with us spreads out 12 exercises over 3 rounds. Insanity uses fat-burning, Tabata-style exercises to get you in shape. The New Insanity workout is called Shaun T’s Insanity MAX:30. In the DVD workout, he challenges you to dig deep. The goal, according to Shaun T, is to:

Go as hard as you can for as long as you can. Maxing out means taking a break because you know you’ve pushed yourself to the max.

New Insanity Workout Routine


Here’s the New Insanity Workout Routine, as shared in Men’s Health:

ExerciseSetsTime RestCircuit
Pushup Shoulder Tap42010A
Genie Tuck Jump42010A
Punching Abs42010A
Switch Kick Punch42010A
Dive Pushup42010B
360 Squat42010B
Oblique Knee Tap42010B
Jump Cross42010B
Pike Spider Lunge42010C
Ab Attack42010C
Alternate Toe Tap42010C
Low Split Lunge42010C

Do each exercise for 20 seconds on / 10 seconds rest. Then, move onto the next exercise. After doing each exercise in the circuit, move onto the next circuit. You never repeat an exercise twice. You’re always moving to the next exercise in the circuit. Then, you repeat each exercise in that circuit. Rest for 30 seconds after finishing each circuit (4 exercises in a row).

Insanity Exercise Descriptions

From each move above, here are the Insanity exercise descriptions:











New Insanity Workout Goal

The New Insanity Workout goal is for you to “Get the best at-home workout of your life.” With the HIIT training style, each workout is only 30 minutes long. Getting to that 30-minute mark, each day, will give you a sense of accomplishment.

The new Insanity workout goal is to work harder as the days go by. Insanity has always been one of the most popular at-home workouts. This is true especially among men, who aren’t into the totally choreographed workout DVDs that stock the shelves.


Insanity is a popular workout for men who are looking for a group setting, without the dance choreography. The group setting provides added workout motivation, as you feel you’re not alone. An A.C.E trainer, and health expert says:

More men are starting to participate in group workouts, and men are buying fitness DVDs. Everything used to be very, very choreographed, but now group fitness is very boot-campish. it’s more circuits, more intervals. it’s athletic driven, movement driven.

If you’re not ready for the whole program, then at least check out Shaun T’s Insanity Max 30: Sweat Feast Workout DVD.

The New Insanity Workout was especially designed for:

  • People looking for motivation to get in shape
  • Those looking for a fat-burning, Tabata workout
  • Anyone who wants a HIIT fitness challenge
  • People looking to burn up to 1000 calories/hour
  • Graduates of other Beachbody workouts

Get all 12 DVDs, including 150 new exercises, with Shaun T’s Insanity Max 30 Kit.


Insanity:Max 30 Workout Calendar

Here’s the Insanity:Max 30 Workout Calendar. The new Insanity workout program lasts 60 days. You’re free to repeat the program when finished.


New Insanity Workout Results

The New Insanity workout results are getting people in the best shape of their lives. Marques lost 30 pounds in 60 days of doing Insanity Max:30.


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