NetFit Kickboxing Workout Video

kickboxing workout video

Kickboxing Workout Video

The Kickboxing Workout Video focuses on a variety of different kickboxing moves. Still, keep your feet moving throughout the workout. It starts out with lots of punches, then ends with some kicks. Keep a fast pace, as the trainer shows, in order to get the best workout. And, just in case, did you need Part 1 of the Kickboxing Workout Routine?

Kickboxing Workout Video Routine Includes:

  1. Jabs
  2. Hooks
  3. Lunges and Jumps
  4. Bob and Weave  “Find Your Target and Beat It”
  5. Uppercuts and Hooks
  6. Jab Cross Jab
  7. Triple Jabs and Turn
  8. Dip and Cross
  9. Wheels (Drop Elbows Side to Side)
  10. Squat and Kicks
  11. Jab, Jab, Speed-bags
  12. Run in Place “Finish the Race”

kickboxing workout video

Kickboxing Workout: Jabs

The Kickboxing Workout Jab is the most basic movement. Punch your arm straight out in front of you, with power coming from your feet. Balance is key; staying balanced will build your core, and protect you from injury.

Kickboxing Workout: Hooks

With the Hooks, make sure to swing your arms out wide. This works more of the side part of your deltoids, or shoulders. Keep your arms tight, and close to your body. The trajectory should be angled, and the punch thrown at shoulder height.

Kickboxing Workout: Uppercut

With an uppercut, you again want to keep your arms close to your body. This is to protect your body from imaginary attackers, with the added purpose of statically working your arms. Step into your uppercut punch, then snap your shoulder upward. Have your hand parallel to your body through the motion.

Popular Kickboxing Workout

The key to this workout is proper form from movement to movement. You are using your body weight, especially your core, to stay moving. Try to keep the rhythm of the trainer for an optimal workout. This is an especially popular workout for women.

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