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Natalie Portman Black Swan Workout Diet: Long Lean Body

Natalie Portman Diet

The Natalie Portman diet is about balancing the right kind of foods on a low (1200) calorie diet. The key to the Natalie Portman diet is not to stave yourself, but to rely on smaller portions. You still want to eat throughout the day. Otherwise, you’re gonna be a wreck on the ballet floor.

Natalie Portman says about her diet for Black Swan:

Mary Helen’s knowledge of healthy diet in conjunction with the exercises was also helpful in achieving the fitness goals we had set out. It was truly a comprehensive approach that allowed me to by physically convincing as a ballet dancer.

Natalie Portman trainer Mary Helen Bowers talks about the Natalie Portman diet:

Satisfying foods will keep your metabolism going, and your body lean and strong. Ballerinas can be known for extreme discipline, even deprivation, when it comes to dieting. My eating plan is based on balance and contentment that supports health and weight loss.

natalie portman black swan skinny diet

Natalie Portman Diet: Protein

Ballerinas work all the tiny muscles in their body. You need protein to help rebuild these muscles, giving you a long and lean body. Healthy protein that Natalie Portman says  she eats on her diet include:

  • eggs (free range only)
  • lentils & beans
  • raw nuts & nut butter
  • Greek yogurt
  • fish

Natalie Portman Diet: Carbohydrates

The Natalie Portman diet uses carbohydrates to keep her energized all day long. Healthy carbohydrates that Natalie Portman says she eats on her diet include:

  • steel cut oatmeal with organic fruit
  • brown rice & sweet potatoes
  • whole grains & quinoa
  • spinach, kale, squash, asparagus, eggplant, onions, peppers
  • zucchini, cucumbers, romaine, all other green vegetables


Natalie Portman’s cheat meal was high-quality dark chocolate. In small servings, it’s actually good for you. The darker (and less sugar added) the better.

Natalie Portman Body, Height, and Weight

Natalie Portman height is 5′ 3″ (160 cm). Natalie Portman’s weight is 118 pounds (53.5 kg). Sometimes, Natalie Portman’s weight fluctuates, based on her movie roles and pregnancy. For Black Swan, Natalie Portman lost 20 pounds through diet and exercise. Natalie Portman’s body looked tiny, as she weighed just 98 pounds (44.4 kg) for Black Swan.


Natalie Portman Black Swan Workout Videos

Here are some Natalie Portman Black Swan workout videos, as well as, more about Black Swan.

Here is Natalie Portman and Mary Helen Bowers talking about Black Swan workout training:

Black Swan Official Trailer:

Black Swan Official Dance Scene:

Here’s a workout trainer performing her take on the Natalie Portman Black Swan workout routine:


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