Miley Cyrus Workout: Using Pilates To Look Hot

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Miley Cyrus Workout: Using Pilates To Look Hot

The Miley Cyrus workout is all about rocking her core, to look hot for her man. Miley refuses to rely only on dancing and singing as a fitness routine, instead she uses Pilates workouts. Gossip sites claim that she was afraid of losing her fiance, Liam Hemsworth to his Hunger Games’ co-star Jennifer Lawrence. This gave her the motivation she needed to get in shape. Miley Cyrus especially loves the way Pilates workouts give you a toned core and skinny legs.
miley cyrus and liam hemsworth
Miley Cyrus Workout inspired by wanting to look hot for her man

After Miley’s mom, Leticia Jean, had success with Pilates, Miley decided to try Mari Winsor Pilates. Miley Cyrus now attends Pilates classes on a daily basis. Pilates are exercises that focus on your core, especially your abs. Pilates are a safe, yet effective, fitness routine to get in shape. Mari Winsor Pilates have a special focus on your core, glutes, thighs, waist and butt.

Miley Cyrus is often spotted leaving the L.A. Winsor Pilates Studio. Mari Winsor, Miley Cyrus’ trainer, says that Miley works out there six days a week. Mari Winsor is also famous for her Pilates workouts out with celebrities including Sandra Bullock, Vanessa Williams, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Daisy Fuentes (Magazine Links). She is also credited in Allure Magazine with helping Drew Barrymore, Meg Ryan, Sharon Stone, and Melanie Griffith stay in shape (Magazine Link).

Miley Cyrus Workout
Miley Leaving Winsor Pilates Gym in L.A.

Interested in the Pilates Miley Cyrus does with trainer Mari Winsor? Get the Mari Winsor Pilates DVD Workouts (on Amazon). Now, you’re ready to do Miley Cyrus’ Pilates workout routine at-home!

Miley Cyrus Workout Monday Routine

Here’s the Miley Cyrus workout (Monday Routine), at Mari Winsor Studios in Los Angeles:

The Miley Cyrus workout plan combines this Pilates workout with either treadmill or spinning cardio. The Pilates, combined with cardio, is the way to get Miley Cyrus’ abs and legs.

Miley Cyrus Workout Tuesday Routine

The Miley Cyrus Workout Tuesday Routine:

  • Standing Rollovers
  • Butterfly Kicks
  • Reach Behinds
  • Plank Kicks
  • Hip Twistin Butt Ups
  • (see Casey’s abs video below)

Here is a video by Casey Ho that shows the Miley Cyrus’ Abs Pilates routine:


  1. Nice article. Thank you. But what is wrong with her nose after Wilson Pilates gym? Did they squashed her nose there?

  2. She looks awesome…!
    Her Video *Nothing Breaks like a Heart* shows that work out system is working..

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    Her video *Nothing Breaks like Heart* shows that work out system is working…

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